Patek and Smith Ancestry


Note:  Other researchers have worked on the Smith and Mallarnee lines, but I still haven't incorporated their information into my records.  Feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more about these lines

My Husband's Parents

Robert E. Patek, born September 7, 1929 in Youngstown, OH; died August 28, 1998 in Youngstown, OH. He was the son of 4. Stephen Patek and 5. Mary Radovich. He married 3. Ruth E. Smith April 25, 1953 in Niagara Falls.

Ruth E. Smith, born July 6, 1930 in Canfield, OH; died January 7, 1999 in Youngstown, OH. She was the daughter of 6. Earle B. Smith and 7. Wilma F. Mallernee.

My Husband's Paternal Grandparents

Stephen Patek, born 1900 in Slovakia; died 1972 in Youngstown, OH. He married 5. Mary Radovich.

Mary Radovich, born 1913 in Slovakia; died 1982 in Youngstown, OH.

My Husband's Maternal Grandparents

Earle B. Smith, born 1905 in Freeport, OH; died 1990 in Youngstown, OH. He married 7. Wilma F. Mallernee.

Wilma F. Mallernee, born 1903 in Deersville, OH; died 1990.


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