Nicholas Anderson came to KY from Virginia.  Prince William County, VA, Minute Book 1752-1753, p 6.  Nicholas Anderson was a signer of the "Corn Compact", entered into by the Association of the Settlers of Boonesboro in 1779.  He is also listed in the George Rogers Clark Papers 4-842, 12-38   

1882 William Chenault Article about Early KY Pioneers

1898 William Chenault Article about Boonesboro

Nicholas Anderson was an early settler of Montgomery County and is mentioned in a Clark County Draper interview:  

"Anderson's Station: ...was upon the head of now Hinkston, about 2 miles south west of Mt. Sterling. Settled about 1791 by Nicholas Anderson; John Harper, bro: to Peter Harper, and Ned Williams, were the other 2 of 3 men that had their fams there.  One Somers lived there, awhile, but not I believe, at first.  Hinkston was then called Little Mountain, to as low down as where Grassy Lick came in; where it was then called H."

Interview of John Rankins, on Lulbegrud (opposite of Abbot's Mill).  "John Harper, Ned Williams and Nich Anderson (that died between here and Mt. Sterling), (John Harper died there too; Ned Williams moved away, did live in Montgomery by the others).  All lived at Boonesborough".  

1817 PETER HELMS bought from Joseph & Elizabeth Young 200 acres on Spencer Creek for $4000. Adjacent to Nicholas Anderson, Robert Botts in Montgomery County, KY  No witnesses.  (DB 8, p. 238-9)   

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