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Alexander Miller was from Ireland, The book "The Reverend Alexander Miller of Virginia and some of his descendants" by Milo Custer, Bloomington Ill. June 1910" states Alexander, minister, b ca 1720 Antrim, Ireland, M Jane Evans, b Glasgow, Scotland. The Rev. Miller succeeded a Mr. Hindman as pastor of Peaked Mountain and Cook's Creek congregations in Augusta Co, Virginia in 1756. Be graduated at Edinburgh, ministered first in Presbyterian churches in the No. of Ireland, and came to America. In Burks Co. PA, he made an entry of land 11-7-1746. He was a Loyalist· John and Samuel Miller his sons were in the Rev. War, soldiers in Va. 

"Alexander Miller had preached 20 years" (Alexander Miller vs. David Rice, Chalkley's Chronicles, Nov 1768). 

Descendants of Rev. Alexander Miller, Pioneer of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia 
- Miller, Shirley Cullers; Rev. Miller, b. c 1720, d. c 1785 at Cooks Creek, Rockingham Co., VA, married Jane Evans b. c 1724, d 1754. He was a minister of the Presbyterian Church and a farmer. Some allied families included are Bowman, Conley, Cook, Custer, Dove, Dovel, Fulk, Good, Harper, Hoover, Kidwell, Lam, Liskey, Mitchell, Reedy, Shoemaker, Trumbo, Whetzel, Wright.; 1999; 559 pp; HCB 
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Alexander Miller supported the British in the Revolutionary War, as shown by the following court document (The Commonwealth of Virginia against (vs.) Alexander Miller):

"Upon considering the charges against Alexander Miller, the defendant, as well as the evidence adduced in support of the same, and also the verdict of the jury, we, the Court, are of opinion that the matter, as far as it relates to aiding and giving intelligence to the enemy, comes within the ordinance of Convention, and therefore give judgment: That the said Miller be confined to the bounds of the plantation whereon he now lives, in this County, till the end of the present war with Great Britain, and that he do not in any manner aid, abet, correspond, or converse with the enemies of America, nor argue nor reason with any person or persons whatsoever on any political subject relating to the dispute between Britain and America, or until he be thence discharged by the Executive Power, or General Assembly, of the Commonwealth of Virginia; and in the meantime he, the said Miller, be kept in safe custody until he shall enter into bond himself in the sum of one hundred pounds and two good securities in the sum of fifty pounds each. And that the whole of the costs of this prosecution be levied on the estate of said Alexander Miller. viz: To Thomas Smith and James Hill, they finding themselves and horses for going 120 miles to William Hutchison’s, on Indian Creek, in Botetourt County, each at the rate of 4 pence per mile, and for returning the same distance with the prisoner, at the rate of 4 pence per mile each. To Robert McFarland, summoned by the officer; to assist, for going 50 miles, at 4 pence per mile. To the witnesses for attending one day each, 25 pounds of tobacco, or two shillings and one penny, viz: William Ewing, Silas Hart, Mary Erwin, James Montgomery, William Givens, Robert McFarland, Thomas Smith, and James Hill. To the clerk, for attendance two days, twenty shillings. To the sheriff, for attending the Court and summoning the jury, twenty shillings. To Daniel Kidd, for summoning the witnesses, in which he rode 150 miles, at 4 pence per mile. And that the clerk issue executions for the above sums, respectively, when required thereto by the claimants.

Records of Augusta Co. Va by Lyman Chalkley, Vol #2 page 182. - A deed sells land patented to Alexander Miller May 14, 1787 who died intestate by his widow and children was recorded Dec, 21 1793. It mentions John Miller and Jane Miller his mother, Margaret Miller, his wife ; Samuel Miller and Anna, his wife. Josiah Harrison and Margaret, his wife; Isaac Miller and Polly, his wife. 

Alexander and Jane Miller are buried in Cooks Creek Cemetery, Dayton, Rockingham, Virginia

In the same book page 282 Augusta Co. Va Marriage Records June 6, 1786 Samuel Miller m Anna Brawford (Braford) dau of Samuel Braword (Braford). John Miller b County Tyrone, Ireland, 10 Jan 1749 son of Rev. Alex. Miller and Jane (Evans) m 27 Nov 1778 Margaret Hicklin b 9 Feb 1760 dau of Capt John Hicklin of Augusta Co., Moved to Madison Co., Ky. in 1811 this last about John is from Milo Custer's book. 

Dorothy Cook found information in the Wm. and Mary Quarterly, Volumes 5W (2) 203, 6W (2) 59, also Virginia Historical Magazine 30V 177, 19V 112. 

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