Descendants of Eli Hubbard 

Generation No. 1

 1.  ELI2 HUBBARD  (UNKNOWN1) was born Bet. 1810 - 1812 in Clay County,  Kentucky, and died Aft. 1871.  He married (1) ELIZABETH ANDERSON June 18, 1839 in Clark County, KY, daughter of THOMAS ANDERSON and MARGARET MILLER.  She was born Bet. 1818 - 1823 in Kentucky (probably Montgomery County), and died Aft. 1870.  He married (2) SALLIE BUSH July 25, 1871 in Montgomery County, KY.  She was born 1841.    


2.                i.       EVALINE3 HUBBARD, b. Bet. 1840 - 1842.

3.               ii.       ACENIA A. HUBBARD, b. Abt. 1844, Montgomery County, KY; d. Aft. 1880.

                 iii.       FRANCES HUBBARD, b. 1847.

4.              iv.       BETTIE HUBBARD, b. June 15, 1852, Montgomery County, KY?; d. April 4, 1942, Paris, KY.

                  v.       ELIZABETH A. HUBBARD, b. July 15, 1854, Montgomery County, KY; d. July 19, 1854, Montgomery County, KY.


More About ELIZABETH A. HUBBARD: Cause of Death: Flux


5.              vi.       MATTHEW THOMAS HUBBARD, b. May 24, 1856, Montgomery County, KY; d. 1942, Paris, KY.

6.             vii.       JOHN B. HUBBARD, b. August 10, 1858, Montgomery County, KY; d. June 3, 1942, Bourbon County, KY.

Several other Hubbards lived as neighbors in Montgomery County, Kentucky.  They were most likely related, but I haven't been able to establish the connection.  An 1860 newspaper article mentions a brother of Eli, Joshua Hubbard, who was killed in a bar room fight in 1860.  

According to his second marriage record, Eli's parents were from Virginia. Eli's stated age on this second marriage record is too young.  He either lied on the application or it is possible that this was another Eli Hubbard.  

Can't definitively find Eli Hubbard in the census before 1860. Clay County 1840 (p. 304) is a possibility (there were two Eli Hubbards in the Clay County, KY census):

Clay County, KY 1840

(Most likely candidate)  Eli Hubbard, p. 304. 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 - 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 - 0 - 0 (1 male 20-30; 1 female 10-15 and 1 female 20-30). Not sure who younger girl would have been.

Second Eli Hubbard, p. 307 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 - 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 - 0 - 0 (adult male missing, but it looks like the entry beneath this one may have been double counted). 1 male 5-10; 2 females under 5, 1 female 20-30.  This appears to be the Eli Hubbard born in TN, married to Elizabeth Silcose.

1850 Census - Montgomery Co., KY

Archibald Hubbard,  25, KY

Nancy Hubbard,  30, KY

Nathan Hubbard,  75, VA

Winney Hubbard,  69, VA

Eliza Jane Hubbard,  3, KY

1860 Census - Montgomery Co., KY

Eli Hubbard                48   KY

Elizabeth Hubbard      41   KY  

Evaline                      20   KY

Frances                    13    KY

Betty                        11    KY

Thos                          4     KY

Jno. B.                       2     KY  

1870 Census - Montgomery Co., KY

Eli Hubbard                       60   KY

Elizabeth Hubbard             47   KY

Mathew                            14   KY

J.B.                                  11   KY

Mary Jones                       18   KY (Boarder)  

Com. Dd BK 1/112 June 1877

Suite - James H. Trimble guardian vs. ...

Between Acena Anderson, Octaire Martin, Joel Martin, Thomas Hubbard, John Hubbard, Leora Hubbard, Elizabeth Hubbard, Green Hubbard, and Blanche Hubbard - to John H. Mack? - Land on Long Branch and Slate Creek - 137 acres.  


My guess is that this record pertains to land left to heirs at death of Eli Hubbard.  Evaline died in the mid 1870s, so her children are named.  James H. Trimble was the guardian of Evaline's minor children at her death.  Bettie Hubbard is not listed here...not sure why not.  


Marriage Notes for ELI HUBBARD and ELIZABETH ANDERSON:  Eli's age proved by Alfred Bouren.  Elizabeth's father present.  Minister Bullock. 



Generation No. 2


2.  EVALINE3 HUBBARD (ELI2, UNKNOWN1) was born Bet. 1840 - 1842.


Notes for EVALINE HUBBARD:  1870 Montgomery County Census showed Evaline as a single mother.  She lived near her parents.


1870 Census - Montgomery Co., KY

Evaline Hubbard, 28

Octava Hubbard, 9

Leora Hubbard, 7

E.A. Hubbard, 5

Blanche Hubbard, 2   

Children of EVALINE HUBBARD are:

                   i.       OCTAVIA4 HUBBARD, b. 1861; m. JOEL D. MARTIN; b. 1845.  


          Note:  I found the following census record on the evening of September 10, 2001:   

1880 Census Place:       District 95, Rockcastle, Kentucky

       Source:       FHL Film 1254440  National Archives Film T9-0440     Page 364D    

       Relation       Sex Marr       Race       Age       Birthplace

Joel D. MARTIN       Self    M  M  W  35  KY Occ: Works In Coal Mine Fa: KY  Mo: KY

Octavia MARTIN       Wife   F   M  W  19  KY Occ: Keeping House Fa: KY  Mo: KY

Osama MARTIN       Dau    F   S   W    2  KY    Fa: KY       Mo: KY

Green HUBBERD       BroL  M       S  W   12       KY    Fa: KY       Mo: KY  

                  ii.       LEORA HUBBARD, b. 1863.

                 iii.       ELIZABETH A. HUBBARD, b. 1865.


Notes for ELIZABETH A. HUBBARD: A Betty Hubbard, born 1865, is listed with the family of George and Mary McCormick of Camargo, KY.  


                 iv.     BLANCHE HUBBARD, b. 1868; m. WILLIAM DANIEL MCCARTHY, March 28, 1889, Montgomery County, KY.


Notes for WILLIAM DANIEL MCCARTHY: Also listed as Daniel McCarty.


                  v.       GREEN HUBBARD, b. 1868.


Notes for GREEN HUBBARD: Green is living with his sister, Octavia and her husband in 1880.  Evaline died in the 1870s..


3.  ACENIA A.3 HUBBARD (ELI2, UNKNOWN1) was born Abt. 1844 in Montgomery County, KY, and died Aft. 1880.  She married MILTON ANDERSON December 1859 in Montgomery County, KY.  He was born November 22, 1817, and died Abt. 1864.


Notes for ACENIA A. HUBBARD:  Probable child of Eli and Elizabeth.  Acenia is listed on deed with Hubbard heirs Evaline's children, John B. and Thomas in 1877.


1860 Montgomery County, KY Census

Milton Anderson, 42

Asena, 17

Mary Hubbard, 12


1870 Montgomery County Census, p. 242

Cenia Anderson, 26

M.C. Anderson, 10

S. M. Anderson, 6


1880 Census Place:      Paris, Bourbon, Kentucky

Source:   FHL Film 1254403  National Archives Film T9-0403     Page 49A    

                        Relation Sex        Marr        Race       Age        Birthplace

Sena A. ANDERSON    Self     F  W    W   36    KY   Fa: KY  Mo: KY

Martha C. ANDERSON Dau    F   S    W   19    KY   Fa: KY  Mo: KY

Susan M. ANDERSON Dau    F   S    W   16    KY   Occ: At School    Fa: KY  Mo: KY  



                   i.       MARTHA C.4 ANDERSON, b. Abt. 1860.

                  ii.       SUSAN M. ANDERSON, b. Abt. 1864.


4.  BETTIE3 HUBBARD (ELI2, UNKNOWN1) was born June 15, 1852 in Montgomery County, KY?, and died April 4, 1942 in Paris, KY.  She married (1) WILLIS ROBERTS December 1870 in Estill County, KY, son of JOHN ROBERTS and CHLOE WARDER.  He was born 1832 in Montgomery County, KY?, and died Bef. 1880.  She married (2) WILLIAM SPENCER MENEFEE July 17, 1883 in Paris, KY.  He was born 1853 in KY, and died May 1, 1923 in Paris, KY.


The 1870 census shows Bettie Hubbard as a single mother of 1 year old son, Shelton Hubbard.  Bettie and Shelton are shown in the household of Bettie's uncle, Abina Anderson.  Bettie sister Evaline is also listed as a single mother.  There is no indication that Evaline ever married. 


1870 Census - Montgomery Co., KY (Jeffersonville)

Abina Anderson, 32

Mary, 19

G.W., 3

Bettie Hubbard, 20    KY

Shelton Hubbard, 1 KY  

It wasn't until later that year (December 1870) that Bettie Hubbard married Willis Roberts.  By that time, Shelton was almost 2 years old.  I have no proof that Willis Roberts was the father of Shelton, even though Shelton took on the Roberts after Willis and Bettie were married. 


Willis Roberts died sometime before 1880.  Bettie is listed as a widow on the 1880 census.


1880 Census - Nicholas Co., KY (Carlisle)

Bettie Roberts, F, 29

Jeremiah? Jamison? M, 9, son

Chloe (Chlora) Ann, F, 7, daughter  

W. Shelton Hubbard listed as servant a few doors down


Notes for BETTIE HUBBARD: Betty Hubbard was my 3rd great grandmother.  There are several unanswered questions about this line.  According to family tradition, there was a Cherokee connection, but I haven't been able to find proof of it yet.  Possible explanations:


1.  Shelton was almost 2 years old when his mother married Willis Roberts, therefore, Willis may not have been the father (although Shelton's death certificate lists him as father).  Perhaps the father had Native American blood.


2.  Adoption story:  I received an email from a descendent of Bettie's brother, John B. Hubbard, regarding  family stories about Indian ancestry:


"We have been told that we are part Indian. The story goes the parents of a baby Indian girl were killed and she was raised by a settler family, later married one of the sons.  This information was given by a Tom Hubbard from Paris Ky. This is all I know. I really hope we have a connection" (from a grand-daughter of Hattie Lee). 


3.  It is also possible that the Indian blood came through her father, Eli Hubbard. 


4.  My great Aunt Lucille's genealogy notes show that Bettie's mother, Elizabeth Anderson, was the Cherokee.  Perhaps the original Indian/White marriage occurred much earlier than we thought.  The earliest Andersons in this area of KY were early pioneers of Kentucky, who were with Daniel Boone at Boonesborough.  Many were longhunters and traders who had Indian wives...some had both Indian and white wives.  In other cases, the mixed blood resulted from the kidnapping of a white woman by the Indians.


The kidnapping theory is consistent with information about some of the early settlers in Montgomery County.  Many were of mixed descent.  According to Harry Enoch, author of In Search of Morgan's Station, no other region of Kentucky saw more Indian attacks than the present day counties of Montgomery and Bath.  These attacks often resulted in the captivity of women and children.


Notes for WILLIS ROBERTS:  Willis Roberts listed with brother Alfred in Montgomery County 1860 and 1870 census.  Willis apparently had an earlier wife, Fannie (or Nannie):


1860 Census - Montgomery County, KY

Alfred J? Roberts, 29, Farmer, KY

Mary K. Roberts, 20, KY

Mary E. Roberts, 1, KY

Willis Roberts, Jr., 27, Gent, KY

Fannie Roberts, 21, MO


1870 Census - Montgomery County, KY

Alfred Roberts 37

Mary Roberts 32

Thomas 14

Elizabeth 11

Martha 7

Emma 5

Sarah 4

Margaret 2

Willis 38  



                   i.       SHELTON4 ROBERTS, b. February 1869, Kentucky; d. March 12, 1915, Paris, KY; m. MARTHA LUCY RANKIN; b. February 17, 1871, Kentucky; d. November 5, 1914, Paris, KY.


Notes for SHELTON ROBERTS:  Tombstone shows birth year of 1866, but all other records (death certificate, census, etc.) show that he was born in 1869.  His mother's marriage to Willis Roberts didn't take place until December 1870.  Was Willis his biological father?


1880 Census Place:       Head Quarters, Nicholas, Kentucky  (Note:  family listed as Ranklin in LDS)

       Source:       FHL Film 1254436  National Archives Film T9-0436     Page 391C    

       Relation       Sex       Marr       Race       Age       Birthplace

Tobitha RANKIN       Self       F       W       W       44       KY

       Occ:       Keeps House       Fa: VA       Mo: KY

Horace RANKIN       Son       M       S       W       12       KY

                     Fa: VA       Mo: KY

Anna RANKIN       Dau       F       S       W       10       KY

                     Fa: VA       Mo: KY

Lucy RANKIN       Dau       F       S       W       6       KY

                     Fa: VA       Mo: KY



More About MARTHA LUCY RANKIN:  Cause of Death: Septic Mitritis due to Uterine Hemorrhage


                  ii.       JEREMIAH? ROBERTS, b. Abt. 1871.


Notes for JEREMIAH? ROBERTS:  1880 census.  Handwriting undecipherable.  LDS shows name as "Jimmie".


Bettie ROBERTS Self F W W 29 KY Occ: Housekeeper Fa: KY Mo: KY

Jimmie ROBERTS       Son M S W 9 KY Fa: KY Mo: KY

Chlora Ann ROBERTS Dau F S W 7 KY Fa: KY Mo: KY


                 iii.       CHLOE ANN ROBERTS, b. Abt. 1873; d. September 12, 1899; m. JAMES J. KENNEY, May 8, 1889, Nicholas County, KY; b. 1866; d. 1911.


Notes for JAMES J. KENNEY:

James J. or G. Kenney was born in Nicholas County, KY. His wife Chloe Roberts was born in Nicholas County, KY. They lived in KY. until 1897 when the family moved to Bates County. MO., where they lived about a year, then moved to Cass County, MO. James J. Kenney farmed until about 1908, then moved to Garden City, MO. where he worked as a general laborer. James J. Kenney was town Marshall in Garden City for several years. He also ran a restaurant in Garden City for a few months.    


Marriage Notes for CHLOE ROBERTS and JAMES KENNEY:  Married by N. G. Robinson at H. Roberts, Nicholas Co. Witnesses, J. D. Blake and H. B. Roberts.  


                 iv.       BETTIE M.4 MENEFEE, b. 1886, Bourbon County, KY; d. March 7, 1968, Bourbon County, KY; m. ELKANAH WATSON; b. 1874; d. June 22, 1955.

                  v.       MARY MENEFEE.


Notes for MARY MENEFEE:  Betty Menefee's will lists both her daughters with the last name of Watson.  Bettie married Elkannah Watson, but I'm not sure who Mary married (or if this was a typo).


5.  MATTHEW THOMAS3 HUBBARD (ELI2, UNKNOWN1) was born May 24, 1856 in Montgomery County, KY, and died 1942 in Paris, KY.  He married HESTER FOSTER.  She was born Abt. 1861.


1880 Census - Nicholas Co., KY

J.P. Foster, 51

Nanine (?) J. Foster, 23 (wife of JP)

Tom Hubbard, 23, brother in law

Hester Hubbard, 19, sister




                   i.       MANIE4 HUBBARD, b. Abt. 1899.


6.  JOHN B.3 HUBBARD (ELI2, UNKNOWN1) was born August 10, 1858 in Montgomery County, KY, and died June 3, 1942 in Bourbon County, KY.  He married AMANDA SUGG August 24, 1877 in Bourbon County, KY. 



        i.      HATTIE LEE4 HUBBARD.


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