Descendants of Marcus Thomas


Generation No. 1

 1.  MARCUS1 THOMAS was born Bef. 1750, and died 1773 in Leonardstown, St. Mary's County, MD.  He married ELIZABETH ABELL, daughter of SAMUEL ABELL and SUSANNA SPALDING.  She was born Bef. 1750 in St. Mary's County, MD, and died 1819 in Springfield, Washington Co., KY. 

Notes for MARCUS THOMAS:  Will of Mark Thomas administered by Thomas Fenwick & Elizabeth, his wife 20 Nov. 1788.  Estate distributed to widow & his 3 children:  Samuel, still living at that time; Bennett; and John Abell Thomas.  Later, Thomas and Elizabeth migrated to Washington County, KY.  In his will, Thomas names Bennett and John Abell Thomas as his stepsons.


Bal. & Dist. of Mark Thomas--1788.  Liber JJ #A Folio 44 Leonardtown MD

Researchers:  Louise Eddleman, Springfield, KY and Janet Jenkins, Lebanon, KY.

Fr. Walton's Diary, Woodstock College Archives, Woodstock, MD

Notes for ELIZABETH ABELL:  Marriage of Thomas Fenwick & Elizabeth Thomas 1774--Father Walton's Diary--Woodstock, MD.  Researchers:  Louise Eddleman, Springfield, KY and Janet Jenkins, Lebanon, KY.


                   i.       SAMUEL2 THOMAS, b. April 10, 1769, Leonardtown, MD; d. Aft. 1773, Leonardtown, MD.

  Notes for SAMUEL THOMAS:  Died as a child in Leonardstown, MD.

 2.               ii.       BENJAMIN "BENNETT" THOMAS, b. August 4, 1772; d. August 15, 1840.

                 iii.       JOHN ABELL THOMAS, b. 1773; m. SUSANNAH HILTON, February 24, 1797; d. 1849, Springfield, Washington Co., KY (St. Rose Cemetary).

 Notes for JOHN ABELL THOMAS:  Researchers Louise Eddleman and Charles Robert Thomas list John born 1773;  Mr. and Mrs. Terry Thomas list him as John H. Thomas, born 1770. 


Generation No. 2

.  BENJAMIN "BENNETT"2 THOMAS (MARCUS1) was born August 4, 1772, and died August 15, 1840.  He married ANN PENNY ABELL May 29, 1798, daughter of ROBERT ABELL and MARGARET MILLS.  She was born August 10, 1780 in St. Mary's County, MD, and died June 9, 1843 in Calvary, KY. 

Notes for BENJAMIN "BENNETT" THOMAS: Name either Benedict "Bennett", Benjamin "Bennett" or Robert Benjamin "Bennett".

Children of BENJAMIN THOMAS and ANN ABELL are:

                   i.       MARCUS3 THOMAS, b. January 29, 1800, Calvary, KY; d. December 21, 1886, Calvary, KY; m. MARY WATHEN, February 12, 1821; b. March 25, 1800.

3.               ii.       ROBERT S. THOMAS, SR., b. November 13, 1803, Calvary, KY; d. November 9, 1855, Marion County, KY.

                 iii.       MARY E. THOMAS, b. October 31, 1805, Calvary, Ky; m. (1) WILLIAM MADISON ABELL; m. (2) WALTER WIMSATT, January 12, 1828, Calvary, KY.

                 iv.       MARGARET THOMAS, b. June 5, 1809; m. CLEMENT KNOTT, June 16, 1827, Calvary, KY.

                  v.       BENNETT JOSEPH THOMAS, JR., b. April 8, 1811, Calvary, Ky.

                 vi.       JOHN THADDEUAS THOMAS, b. January 18, 1813; m. THERESA CAROLINE GREEN, January 29, 1839.

                vii.       PIUS THOMAS, b. 1814.

Notes for PIUS THOMAS:  Studied for the priesthood.  Died before ordination.

                viii.       ELEANOR THOMAS, b. May 28, 1816; m. DAVID RINEY, April 24, 1838, Holy Name of Mary - Calvary, KY.

                  ix.       ANNA THOMAS, b. 1819.

                   x.       SUSAN THOMAS, b. 1819.

                  xi.       SAMUEL BENEDICT THOMAS, b. 1821; m. SUSAN M. ABELL.

                 xii.       SUSANNA THOMAS, b. 1827.


Generation No. 3

3.  ROBERT S.3 THOMAS, SR. (BENJAMIN "BENNETT"2, MARCUS1) was born November 13, 1803 in Calvary, KY, and died November 9, 1855 in Marion County, KY.  He married (1) MATILDA SPALDING January 24, 1824 in Washington County, KY, daughter of EDWARD SPALDING and ELIZABETH SPALDING.  She was born 1811 in Washington Co., KY, and died 1838.  He married (2) ELIZA LUCKETT 1844 in Marion County, KY.  She was born 1807 in Kentucky. 

Notes for ROBERT S. THOMAS, SR.: Occupation:  Farmer. Buried in the Holy Name of Mary Cemetary, Calvary, KY

REFERENCES: KY Catholic Pioneers Vol. I - Gerald Thompson, Union Co., KY Genealogy - Peyton Heady, Holy Name of Mary Church Records, Calvary, KY, 1840, 1850 Census, Marion County, KY, Marion County, KY Vital Statistic:  1852-1862; CRT 1874-1876, Researchers: Charles Robert Thomas and Lawrence. R. Thomas

Marriage Notes for ROBERT THOMAS and MATILDA SPALDING: Marriage bond: Bk I-233


                   i.       BENEDICT JOSEPH4 THOMAS, b. May 1, 1828, Cloyd's Creek, Washington Co., KY; d. September 24, 1904, Morganfield, Union Co., KY; m. MARGARET ANN MILLS, January 25, 1853, Marion County, KY.

                  ii.       EDWARD THOMAS, b. April 7, 1830; m. SUSAN MARY MILLS, Abt. 1850.

                 iii.       ROBERT THOMAS, b. June 28, 1831, Cloyd's Creek, Washington Co., KY; d. November 26, 1889, Calvary, Ky; m. SUSAN SPALDING, Abt. 1850.

4.              iv.       MARK THEODORE THOMAS, b. November 13, 1832, Calvary, KY; d. August 11, 1919, Calvary, KY.

                  v.       MARY ELIZABETH SPALDING THOMAS, b. May 16, 1834.

                 vi.       ELLEN THOMAS, b. April 6, 1836, Marion County, KY; m. WILLIAM HARDESTY, November 2, 1858, Marion County, KY.

                vii.       SUSAN ALETHEA THOMAS, b. May 24, 1838, Marion County, KY.       


               viii.       CHARLES HENRY4 THOMAS, b. July 28, 1844, Marion County, KY; m. ELIZABETH E. MILLS, January 16, 1866, Marion County, KY.

                  ix.       PIUS J. THOMAS, b. June 9, 1848, Marion County, KY; d. 1927; m. ANNIE E. SPALDING, January 21, 1873.

                   x.       WILLIAM J. THOMAS, b. November 8, 1849, Marion County, KY; d. June 8, 1904, Evansville, Indiana.


Generation No. 4 

4.  MARK THEODORE4 THOMAS (ROBERT S.3, BENJAMIN "BENNETT"2, MARCUS1) was born November 13, 1832 in Calvary, KY, and died August 11, 1919 in Calvary, KY.  He married ANNA LOUISE ABELL July 11, 1854 in Holy Name of Mary - Calvary, KY, daughter of ALOYSIUS ABELL and MARY FENWICK.  She was born July 4, 1837 in Calvary, KY, and died June 28, 1893 in Calvary, KY. 

Census Place:        New Market, Marion, Kentucky

Source:   FHL Film 1254432  National Archives Film T9-0432     Page 126B    

                Relation        Sex  Marr        Race       Age        Birthplace

Mark THOMAS      Self    M    M     W    46    KY  Occ:  Farmer      Fa: KY    Mo: KY

Louisa THOMAS    Wife   F    M      W    43    KY  Occ:  At Home    Fa: KY   Mo: KY

Josephene THOMAS      Dau        F      S      W        18    KY 

Eliza E. THOMAS        Dau F      S        W    15    KY    

Alfred THOMAS        Son M    S        W    11    KY

Oscar THOMAS        Son M    S        W    9      KY

Annie L. THOMAS      Dau        F      S      W        7      KY

Eugenia THOMAS      Dau        F      S      W        5      KY

Marcus THOMAS      Son        M    S      W        3      KY


Notes for ANNA LOUISE ABELL: Also listed as Eliza Ann Louisa Abell.  Christened August 27, 1837 in Calvary, KY.         

Children of MARK THOMAS and ANNA ABELL are:

                   i.       WILLIAM ALOYSIUS5 THOMAS, b. September 6, 1855, Calvary,  Ky; d. November 27, 1898, Calvary,  Ky; m. MARY ELLEN RYAN, February 1876.

                  ii.       MARY MATILDA THOMAS, b. June 4, 1857; m. MARTIN JOHN BLAND.

                 iii.       HARRIET ELIZABETH THOMAS, b. April 25, 1859; d. 1896; m. JOSEPH "TUNK" SPALDING, November 4, 1879.

                 iv.       JOSEPHINE (JODY) THOMAS, b. April 16, 1862; m. JAMES WATHEN.

                  v.       ELIZABETH ELLEN THOMAS, b. November 11, 1864, Calvary,  Ky; d. 1930, Calvary,  Ky; m. WILLIAM CALDWELL, November 18, 1884.

5.              vi.       THOMAS ALFRED THOMAS, b. February 1, 1869; d. November 6, 1945, Marion County, KY.

                vii.       SAMUEL OSCAR THOMAS, b. May 17, 1871, Calvary,  Ky; m. UNKNOWN SPALDING, November 17, 1891.

               viii.       ANNA LOUISE THOMAS, b. June 17, 1873, Calvary,  Ky; d. April 28, 1958, Calvary,  Ky; m. JAMES SIMMS SPALDING, April 15, 1890.

6.               ix.       EUGENIA THOMAS, b. March 20, 1875, Calvary, KY; d. December 11, 1949, Cincinnati, OH.

7.                x.       MARCUS THEODORE THOMAS, b. September 14, 1877, Calvary, KY; d. June 11, 1968, Calvary, KY.

Generation No. 5 

5.  THOMAS ALFRED5 THOMAS (MARK THEODORE4, ROBERT S.3, BENJAMIN "BENNETT"2, MARCUS1) was born February 1, 1869, and died November 6, 1945 in Marion County, KY.  He married CYNTHIA HESTER LUCKETT November 6, 1888 in Marion County, KY, daughter of HENRY LUCKETT and AMANDA SPALDING.  She was born February 17, 1870 in Marion County, KY, and died March 16, 1956 in Marion County, KY.



                   i.       HENRY LUCKETT6 THOMAS, b. November 7, 1891, Marion County, KY; d. August 11, 1956, Marion County, KY; m. FLORENCE CAPITOLA ABELL.

                  ii.       MARION THOMAS, b. September 1893.

                 iii.       MARY ELEANOR THOMAS, b. July 1896.

                 iv.       NELLIE THOMAS, b. July 1896.

                  v.       STELLA THOMAS, b. June 1898.

                 vi.       LILLIAN THOMAS, b. 1902.

                vii.       MYRTLE THOMAS, b. August 14, 1904; d. March 6, 1992.

               viii.       MARY THOMAS, b. 1907.

                  ix.       LOUISE THOMAS, b. 1909; m. JAMES BENEDICT ABELL.


6.  EUGENIA5 THOMAS (MARK THEODORE4, ROBERT S.3, BENJAMIN "BENNETT"2, MARCUS1) was born March 20, 1875 in Calvary, KY, and died December 11, 1949 in Cincinnati, OH.  She married JOSEPH BENEDICT LUCKETT November 14, 1893 in Holy Name of Mary Church - Calvary, KY, son of HENRY LUCKETT and AMANDA SPALDING.  He was born September 27, 1872 in Calvary, KY, and died September 29, 1954 in Cincinnati, OH.

Notes for EUGENIA THOMAS: The 1900 census shows shows that Eugenia had four children, but only two survived.   

1900 KY Census - New Market

Joseph Luckett, Sept 1872, 27

Eugenia, Jan 1876, 24

Henry, Aug 1894, 5

Carl, March or May, 1896, 3


1910 Census - Marion County, District 0088, Visit 0206

Joseph B Luckett

  Enumeration District: 0088 Color: W

  Age: 37 Birth Place: Kentucky

  Visit: 0206 

  County:  Marion

  Relation:  Husband

  Relatives:  Wife Eugenia 35, Kentucky

Son Charles H 13, Kentucky

Son Carl V 10, Kentucky

Daughter Mary E 08, Kentucky

Daughter Cinthia 06, Kentucky

Daughter Susan E 04, Kentucky

Son Joseph B, Jr 02, Kentucky

Annie V, 7 mos, Kentucky

Mother Amanda 57, Kentucky


1920 Census - South Lebanon, KY

Joseph B. Luckett, 47, Farmer

Regina, 46

Leda, 17

Hester, 16

Joseph B., jr., 12

Suella, 10

Viola, 9

Preston, 7

Eliza, 6

George 4 6/12?

Amanda, 65


                   i.       CHARLES HENRY6 LUCKETT, b. August 1894.

                  ii.       CARL VINCENT LUCKETT, b. November 30, 1899; d. December 16, 1957.

                 iii.       LUCILLE LUCKETT, b. Bef. 1900.

                 iv.       MALE LUCKETT, b. Bef. 1900.

Notes for MALE LUCKETT:  Child died very young of pneumonia

                  v.       MARY ALETHEA (LETA) LUCKETT, b. November 21, 1901, Marion County, KY; d. April 16, 1983, Cincinnati, OH; m. JOSEPH KINDT.

                 vi.       CYNTHIA HESTER LUCKETT, b. December 5, 1903, Marion County, KY; d. January 4, 1982, Cincinnati, OH; m. ZEILMAN.

                vii.       JOSEPH B. LUCKETT, b. May 26, 1905, Marion County, KY; d. October 16, 1995; m. TISHIA; b. February 14, 1915; d. February 20, 1999, Cincinnati, OH..

               viii.       SUE ELLA LUCKETT, b. Abt. 1906; d. August 4, 1970; m. UNKNOWN BURDETT.

                  ix.       ANNIE VIOLA LUCKETT, b. Bet. 1909 - 1910.

                   x.       PRESTON B. LUCKETT, b. Abt. 1912; d. October 24, 1962.

                 xi.       ELIZABETH ELLEN LUCKETT, b. July 22, 1912; d. April 11, 1994, Cincinnati, OH; m. RALPH O. MEISBERGER, October 10, 1933; b. September 23, 1911, Cincinnati, OH; d. June 14, 1971, Cincinnati, OH.

Marriage Notes for ELIZABETH LUCKETT and RALPH MEISBERGER:  Met on October 11, 1932 while watching the Holy Name Parade.

                 xii.       GEORGE LUCKETT, b. July 10, 1915; d. July 1969.

                xiii.       MARY LUCILLE (SIS) LUCKETT, b. May 6, 1920; d. April 15, 1998, Cincinnati, OH; m. PAUL AUGUST GLASSMEYER; d. Cincinnati, OH. 

7.  MARCUS THEODORE5 THOMAS (MARK THEODORE4, ROBERT S.3, BENJAMIN "BENNETT"2, MARCUS1) was born September 14, 1877 in Calvary, KY, and died June 11, 1968 in Calvary, KY.  He married SUSAN ELLA BLANDFORD November 22, 1898 in Holy Cross Church, Holy Cross, KY.  She was born June 11, 1877 in Holy Cross, KY, and died November 11, 1954 in Calvary, KY.       


                   i.       MARY LUCILLE6 THOMAS, b. July 27, 1899.

                  ii.       MARY ETTA THOMAS, b. December 13, 1900.

                 iii.       JOSEPH ALOYSIUS THOMAS, b. December 4, 1902.

                 iv.       ANNA PEARL THOMAS, b. January 3, 1905.

                  v.       JOSEPH BLANFORD THOMAS, b. April 3, 1907.

                 vi.       BENEDICT HERMAN THOMAS, b. June 11, 1910.

                vii.       EDWARD THURMAN THOMAS, b. June 11, 1910.

               viii.       CAROLYN ELIZABETH THOMAS, b. November 6, 1912.  



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