Descendants of Casper Jacob Sandel  

Generation No. 1

1.  CASPER JACOB1 SANDEL was born 1833 in Alsace, France (now Germany), and died September 1898 in Cincinnati, OH (Price Hill).  He married MAGDALENE ENGLANDER.  She was born September 1840 in Alsace, France (now Germany), and died Aft. 1900.

Notes for CASPER JACOB SANDEL:  Name was either Jacob Casper or Casper Jacob.  Census records and city directories list both variations.   

The 1860 census shows a 38 year old Casper Sandle with 20 year old wife, Magdalene.  Casper's listed age was probably incorrect--should have been around 27-28 at that time.

1870 Census - Kenton County, page 159

Casper, 37, Teamster, France

Lena, 31, Keeps House, France

Jacob, 10, KY

Valentine, 8, KY

Joseph, 4, KY

Maggie, 4/12, KY

1880 KY Census - Covington, Kenton, Kentucky.  Source:   FHL Film 1254426  National Archives Film T9-0426     Page 466C    

                                    Relation   Sex   Marr   Race    Age    Birthplace

Jacob SANDEL            Self        M       M       W       47       PRUSSIA    Occ:   Stove Mounter     Fa: PRUSSIA     Mo: PRUSSIA

Magdalen SANDEL    Wife       F        M       W       40       PRUSSIA     Occ:  Keeping House    Fa: PRUSSIA       Mo: PRUSSIA

Jacob SANDEL           Son        M        S        W       19         KY                Occ:   Stove Mounter     Fa: PRUSSIA       Mo: PRUS

Valtine SANDEL          Son        M       S        W       17        KY                Occ:   Laborer                  Fa: PRUSSIA       Mo: PRUS

Joseph SANDEL        Son         M        S        W        14        KY                Occ:   Baker Apr.   Fa: PRUSSIA        Mo: PRUSSIA

George SANDEL        Son         M         S       W          7        KY         Fa: PRUSSIA       Mo: PRUS

Margretha SANDEL  Dau         F          S      W          4         KY         Fa: PRUSSIA       Mo: PRUS

Lena SANDEL            Dau         F          S       W        3M       KY          Fa: PRUSSIA       Mo: PRUS 


Covington, KY - City Directories

1880-81 Sandel, Jacob  Stove Mounter, res. 973 Philadelphia, Covington KY

Jacob Sandel   stove mounter   664 Western avenue, Lewisburg Covington KY 1890 

C. Jacob Sandel   stove mounter   664 Western avenue, Lewisburg Covington KY 1892

Jacob C. Sandel Wm. Resor & Co.'s stove mounter, works     Cincinnati OH 1890, 1891 

Jacob P. Sandel   stove mounter   624 State avenue Cincinnati OH 1890, 1891  (P should be C?) 

KP      9/09/1898    8:       DAYS DEATHS

Jacob Sandell, a stovemolder, formerly of Covington, died at his home on Price Hill Thursday afternoon. He leaves a widow and six children.  

Notes for MAGDALENE ENGLANDER:  Maiden name found on death certificate of her son, Valentine.  Spelling unclear:  Eriglander, Eniglauder?  Magdalene moved back to Covington after Joseph died.

1900 Census - Kenton County, KY

Maggie Sandel, head, Sep 1840.  Gave birth to 6 children, 4 still alive.  Immigrated in 1855.

Maggie Sandel, daughter, Feb 1876, born in Kentucky.  Occupation:  Machine Operator. 

1900-01 Covington Directory - Sandel, Magdalena, wid. Jacob., h. 629 Western Ave.  Magdalena doesn't appear in the Covington directory after this.       


                   i.     JACOB2 SANDEL, b. 1861, Covington, KY; d. January 1949; m. MARY ELIZABETH ZORLAUT, October 1881, Covington, KY.



Enquirer Obituary - January 5, 1949, page 6:7

Post Obituary - January 5, 1949; page 23:4

Post Obituary - January 4, 1949; page 18:4

 2.               ii.       VALENTINE SANDEL, b. 1863; d. May 2, 1933.

3.              iii.      JOSEPH SANDEL, b. September 1865, Kenton County, KY; d. May 1906, Kenton County, KY.

4.              iv.       GEORGE SANDEL, b. March 1872, Kentucky; d. Aft. 1900.

                  v.       MARGRETHA SANDEL, b. 1876. 

Notes for MARGRETHA SANDEL:  Appears in the Covington, KY city directory as a machinist (1900-01).  She lived with her mother. 

                 vi.       LENA SANDEL, b. 1880. 

Notes for LENA SANDEL:  Lena may have died before 1900.  Her mother stated only four of her six children still alive by the time of the 1900 census. 


Generation No. 2

2.  VALENTINE2 SANDEL (CASPER JACOB1) was born 1863, and died May 2, 1933.  He married MOLLY.  She was born Abt. 1862, and died December 15, 1951 in Kenton County, KY.

Notes for VALENTINE SANDEL:  Covington, KY City Directory

Valentine Sandel   porter   s. s. Lewis west of Western avenue, Lewisburg Covington KY 1890

Valentine Sandel   salesman   s. s. Lewis west of Western avenue, Lewisburg Covington KY 1892

1910 Census-Kenton County, KY

Valentine Sandel

  Enumeration District: 0102 Color: W

  Age: 47 Birth Place: Kentucky

  Visit: 0033 

  County:  Kenton, Covington

  Relation:  Husband

  Relatives:  Wife Molly 47, Ohio

Son George 22, Kentucky

Son Stanley 18, Kentucky

Son Walter 13, Kentucky       

Children of VALENTINE SANDEL and MOLLY are:

                   i.       GEORGE3 SANDEL, b. Abt. 1888; d. July 9, 1911, Kenton County, KY.

                  ii.       STANLEY SANDEL, b. Abt. 1892.

                 iii.       WALTER E. SANDEL, b. February 21, 1896.

                 iv.       WALTER SANDEL, b. Abt. 1897. 

3.  JOSEPH2 SANDEL (CASPER JACOB1) was born September 1865 in Kenton County, KY, and died May 1906 in Kenton County, KY.  He married KATE WOHRLEY January 23, 1887 in Evangelical Protestant St. Paul Church, daughter of GEORGE WOHRLEY and CAROLINE SLAGER.  She was born August 1867 in Kentucky, and died 1939 in Kentucky.

Notes for JOSEPH SANDEL:  Covington, KY City Directory

Jos. Sandel, Tanner,  614 Western Avenue Covington KY 1892

Jos. C. Sandel, Engineer, 14 Cross, Covington, KY 1900-01 (also 1902-03)

1900 Census - Kenton Co., KY

Joseph Sandel, Sept 1865, born: KY, Father: Germany, Mother: Germany.  Occupation:  Tanner

Katie Sandel, Aug 1867, born: KY, Father: Germany, Mother: OH

Carrie Sandel, Aug 1887

Effie Sandel, Mar 1889

Edward Wohrley, Mar 1870.  born: KY, Father: Germany, Mother: OH, Occupation:  Saloon Keeper

Charlie Wohrley, Jan 1872. born: KY, Father: Germany, Mother: OH, Occupation:  Cigar Maker

Frank Wohrley, Jun 1877. born: KY, Father: Germany, Mother: OH, Occupation:  Bar Keeper


Death Certificate: Wohrley, Kate S (nee Wohrley)

  Volume:  27 Certificate:  13155

  Death Date:  27 May, 1939 Death Place:  Kenton

  Age:  071 Residence: 

KP      5/04/1906   10:       DEATHS

Marriage Notes for JOSEPH SANDEL and KATE WOHRLEY:  The wedding was witnessed by Jacob Sandel, Liz Sandel, Valentine Sandel and Molly Sandel.       


5.                i.       CARRIE MAGDALENE3 SANDEL, b. August 1887, Kenton County, KY; d. November 28, 1955, Kenton County, KY.

                  ii.       EFFIE SANDEL, b. March 1889; d. August 18, 1971; m. OLLIE STEVIE; d. May 30, 1977.

4.  GEORGE2 SANDEL (CASPER JACOB1) was born March 1872 in Kentucky, and died Aft. 1900.  He married EMMA HUCK.  She was born February 1873 in Kentucky, and died February 1, 1957 in Jefferson County, KY.

Notes for GEORGE SANDEL:  Appeared in Covington, KY City directories:

Geo. Sandel   wire wkr.   664 Western avenue, Lewisburg Covington KY 1890

Geo. K. Sandel   wire wkr.   664 Western avenue, Lewisburg Covington KY 1892

Geo C. Sandel, lab., h. 80 Leonard, Covington, KY 1900-01

Geo C. Sandel, lab., h. 80 Leonard, Covington, KY 1901-02

He may have died between 1900-1910.  He appears in his mother-in-law's household in the 1900 census, is not shown in the 1910 census.

1910 Census - Kenton County, KY

Mary Huck

  Enumeration District: 0103 Color: W

  Age: 57 Birth Place: Kentucky

  Visit: 0164 

  County:  Kenton, Covington

  Relation:  Head

  Relatives:  Daughter Emma Sandel 37, Kentucky

Granddaughter Hilda 14, Kentucky

Granddaughter Oliva 12, Kentucky


1920 Census - Kenton County, KY

Emma J. Sandel, 48, head

Hilda M., 23, daughter

Olivia J., 21

Mary M. Huck, 65, Mother

Frank Huck, 35, brother

Children of GEORGE SANDEL and EMMA HUCK are:

                   i.       HILDA M.3 SANDEL, b. February 1896.

                  ii.       OLIVIA J. SANDEL, b. January 1898.


Generation No. 3

5.  CARRIE MAGDALENE3 SANDEL (JOSEPH2, CASPER JACOB1) was born August 1887 in Kenton County, KY, and died November 28, 1955 in Kenton County, KY.  She married WILLIAM H. RABE July 23, 1907 in the home of M. Abele (Justice of the Peace), Kenton County, son of JOHN RABE and ANNA BOEHMER.  He was born November 11, 1886 in Kentucky, and died September 15, 1973 in Kenton County, Kentucky.

Notes for CARRIE MAGDALENE SANDEL:  Carrie Sandel was born Protestant, but later converted to Catholism (baptized at St. Aloysius church). 

Upon their mother's death in 1939, Carrie and Effie Sandel were left the house on 704 W. 9th Street in Covington.  Effie later sold her half of the house to Carrie for the sum of $1.00. 

More About CARRIE MAGDALENE SANDEL: Cause of Death: Cancer


                   i.       DOROTHEA M.4 RABE, b. 1909; m. COBB.

                  ii.       WILLIAM JOSEPH RABE, b. November 11, 1913, Kenton County, KY; d. February 1977, Kenton County, KY; m. NANCY E. ROBERTS; b. January 1, 1921, Denver, Colorado; d. June 1978, Kenton County, KY.

                 iii.       VALENTINE J. RABE, b. 1915; d. October 6, 1975.

                 iv.       ROBERT RABE, b. 1918; d. May 12, 1943.

                  v.       JAMES H. RABE, b. 1920, Kenton County, Kentucky; d. February 20, 1963, Kenton County, Kentucky; m. FABIAN DICKHANT; b. 1920; d. March 4, 1957.

                vi.       WALTER T. RABE, b. July 10, 1922; d. January 12, 1990; m. MABEL.

               vii.       JOSEPH RABE, b. November 3, 1924; d. October 15, 1994.

               viii.       EUGENE RABE, b. February 4, 1927; d. March 21, 1995; m. ANNA W.


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