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The surname Rabe is German and is translated as Raven.  The earliest Rabe found so far in our line is Johannes Casper Rabe, born sometime before 1730.  His descendents are outlined below: 

Descendants of Johannes Casper Rabe

Generation No. 1

1.  JOHANNES CASPER1 RABE was born Bef. 1730.  He married ANNA MARIE WULFEKUHL.  She was born Bef. 1730.

Notes for JOHANNES CASPER RABE:  There may be additional children.  I only have children A - M from the alphabetical listings of the Steinfeld birth records


                   i.       ANNA MARIA2 RABE, b. May 25, 1746, Steinfeld, Oldenburg,  Germany.

                  ii.       JOHAN GERD RABE, b. May 25, 1746, Steinfeld, Oldenburg,  Germany.

                 iii.       ANNA CATHARINA RABE, b. April 25, 1750, Steinfeld, Oldenburg,  Germany.

                 iv.       ANNA MARIA AGNES RABE, b. May 7, 1754, Steinfeld, Oldenburg,  Germany.

2.               v.       HEINRICH AREND RABE, b. January 12, 1756, Steinfeld, Oldenburg,  Germany; d. Steinfeld, Oldenburg, Germany.

3.              vi.       JOHAN CASPAR RABE, b. February 23, 1759.

Generation No. 2

2.  HEINRICH AREND2 RABE (JOHANNES CASPER1) was born January 12, 1756 in Steinfeld, Oldenburg,  Germany, and died in Steinfeld, Oldenburg, Germany.  He married MARIA CATHERINA HASKAMP August 21, 1782 in Steinfeld, Oldenberg, Germany.  She was born August 14, 1758 in Schemde, Steinfeld, Germany, and died December 13, 1830 in Harpendorf, Steinfeld, Germany.


                   i.       HEINRICH ARND3 RABE, b. Bef. 1808; m. MARIA CATHERINA POHLKING, January 18, 1826, Harpendorf, Steinfeld, Germany.

                  ii.       ANNA MARIA AGNES RABE, b. July 17, 1783.

                 iii.       ANNA MARIA ELISABETH RABE, b. April 26, 1785.

                 iv.       MARIA CATHERINA RABE, b. October 30, 1787.

                  v.       ANNA MARIA RABE, b. December 17, 1796; d. January 8, 1812, Harpendorf, Steinfeld, Germany.

3.  JOHAN CASPAR2 RABE (JOHANNES CASPER1) was born February 23, 1759.  He married ELISABETH DETERS February 6, 1785 in Haverbeck, Damme, Oldenburg.  She was born Abt. 1765.

Marriage Notes for JOHAN RABE and ELISABETH DETERS:  dispensation for grade 3 consanguinity (second cousins)


                   i.       ANNA MARIA3 RABE, b. December 3, 1781.

Katolische Kirche Damme, St. Victor's, Kirchebuch Damme, Genealogical Soc. Of Salt Lake City, Utah microfilm, 0909910, vol 8, p 540. "1781  December 3 Caspar Rabe  Elisabeth Deters   Anna Maria [under her name it said illigitima but that was crossed out]  obiit18 Aug 1834  Catharina Deters  Maria Deters Arend Henrich Macke."

 4.               ii.       HENRICH AREND RABE, b. July 30, 1788; d. December 3, 1833.

5.              iii.       JOHAN HEINRICH RABE, b. April 5, 1791; d. April 13, 1827.

                 iv.       GERD HENRICH RABE, b. January 21, 1793; m. (1) MARIA CATHARINA MEYER, January 8, 1814; m. (2) MARIA AGNES SCHRODER, August 2, 1820, Harpendorf, Steinfeld, Germany.

 Generation No. 3

4.  HENRICH AREND3 RABE (JOHAN CASPAR2, JOHANNES CASPER1) was born July 30, 1788, and died December 3, 1833.  He married ANNA MARIA DETERS November 21, 1815 in Damme, Oldenburg. 

Children of HENRICH RABE and ANNA DETERS are:

                   i.       MARIA AGNES4 RABE, b. January 20, 1816.

6.               ii.       GERD HENRICH RABE, b. February 6, 1817.

                 iii.       BERNADINA RABE, b. October 6, 1818; m. FRIEDERICH HONKOMP.

                 iv.       MARIA AGNES RABE, b. August 8, 1822.

                  v.       MARIA CATHARINA RABE, b. July 17, 1825.

                 vi.       MARIA CAROLINA RABE, b. October 20, 1828.

  5.  JOHAN HEINRICH3 RABE (JOHAN CASPAR2, JOHANNES CASPER1) was born April 5, 1791, and died April 13, 1827.  He married MARIA CATHERINA DETERS November 21, 1815 in Damme, Oldenburg in the Parish Vechta. 

More About JOHAN HEINRICH RABE:  Cause of Death: am....fieber (fever)

Children of JOHAN RABE and MARIA DETERS are:

7.                i.       HEINRICH ARNOLD4 RABE, b. July 26, 1817, Haverbeck Amt Damme, Oldenburg, Germany; d. August 21, 1881, Cincinnati, OH.

                  ii.       MARIA AGNES RABE, b. September 5, 1819.

8.              iii.       JOHAN HEINRICH RABE, b. September 1, 1820, Haverbeck Amt Damme, Oldenberg, Germany; d. March 21, 1863, Cincinnati, OH.

 Generation No. 4

6.  GERD HENRICH4 RABE (HENRICH AREND3, JOHAN CASPAR2, JOHANNES CASPER1) was born February 6, 1817.  He married CAROLINE ALLGEIER October 23, 1877 in St. Boniface. 


                   i.       JOHN H.5 RABE.

 7.  HEINRICH ARNOLD4 RABE (JOHAN HEINRICH3, JOHAN CASPAR2, JOHANNES CASPER1) was born July 26, 1817 in Haverbeck Amt Damme, Oldenburg, Germany, and died August 21, 1881 in Cincinnati, OH.  He married MARIA AGNES VAHRENHORST January 29, 1845 in Damme, Oldenburg, daughter of JOHANN VAHRENHORST and MARIA MENKE.  She was born January 2, 1821 in Steinfeld, Grand Duchy Oldenburg, Germany, and died August 10, 1881 in Cincinnati, OH.

Cincinnati City Directory:

1851-52  Henry Arno. Rabe W.S. Sycamore b: Abigail & Woodward

1853 Henry Rabe Cigar Box Maker 295 Elm

1857 H.A. Cigar Box Maker, Allison b: Clay and Walnut, home: 126 Clay

1859 Hy. Rabe Box Maker h. 93 Clay

1861 Hy. A. Raabe, laborer, 93 Clay

1862 Hy. A. Rabe, cigar box manuf., rear 93 Clay

1864 Henry Rabe, box maker, 93 Clay

1865 Henry A Rabe Dry goods 539 Main

1866 HA Rabe, Clerk,  496 Main. h. 539 Main

1867 Henry A. Rabe, Clerk, 496 Main, h. 539 Main

1881 Henry A. Rabe, cigar boxes, 539 Main

Henry Arnold's death notice appears in the Cincinnati Volksfreund, August 23, 1881

Wills filed with Probate Court (Hamilton Co)

Testor:  Henry Arnold Rabe Box 45 Case 25538 Date Filed: 4/19/1881

Executor:  Maria Agnes Rabe.  Beneficiaries: A.C. Rabe, J.H. Rabe and Maria Agnes Rabe

According to Henry's will, the other children received their payouts before he died.  According to the Will, Henry's wife received his property and his sons, Anthony and John, each received $50.  Maria Agnes died a few days before her husband, and the executor changed to A.C. Rabe.  The will also mentions his membership in the German Roman Catholic St. Franziska Relief Society.

Notes for MARIA AGNES VAHRENHORST:   John H. Rabe's death certificate lists his mother's name (incorrectly) as Mary Farendorf.  Maria Agnes Rabe's death notice appears in the Cincinnati Volksfreund, August 11, 1881  


Starb am Mittwoch, den 10, August 1881, nach laengerem Leiden, mehrmals mit hl. Sterbetatramenten wohlversehen, unsere innigstgeliebte Gattin, Mutter, Grossmutter und Schiegermutter, Maria Agnes Rabe, geb. Vahrenhorst, im Alter von 60 Jahren, 7 Monaten und 8 Tagen, geboren zu Steinfeld, Grossherzogtum Oldenburg.  Die Beerbigung findet statt am Freitag Morgen um 7 Uhr vom Trauerhause aus, No. 539 Main-Strasse und wird in der St. Marien Kirche ein Requiem fuer ihre Seelenruhe abgehalten werden.


                   i.       MARIA ANNA5 RABE, b. January 13, 1846, Steinfeld, Grossherzogthum Oldenburg, Germany; m. FRANZ BONTE, September 6, 1868, St. Paul's Church, Cincinnati.

9.               ii.       HENRY ARNOLD RABE, JR., b. 1848, Louisiana or Ohio; d. February 9, 1882.

                 iii.       MARIA KATHARINA RABE, b. 1855; m. JOE P. VONDERBERGER.

10.            iv.       CLEMENTS ANTHONY RABE, b. 1861, Cincinnati, OH; d. April 26, 1937, Cincinnati, OH.

11.             v.       JOHN HENRY RABE, b. February 16, 1862, Cincinnati, Ohio; d. February 8, 1929, Covington, KY.

 8.  JOHAN HEINRICH4 RABE (JOHAN HEINRICH3, JOHAN CASPAR2, JOHANNES CASPER1) was born September 1, 1820 in Haverbeck Amt Damme, Oldenburg, Germany, and died March 21, 1863 in Cincinnati, OH.  He married CAROLINA DICKMANN June 10, 1858 in Holy Trinity Church, Cincinnati, OH.  She died September 18, 1867 in Cincinnati, OH.

 More About CAROLINA DICKMANN: Cause of Death: Consumption


                   i.       HENRY5 RABE, b. 1858.

                  ii.       FREDERICK RABE, b. 1861.


 Generation No. 5

9.  HENRY ARNOLD5 RABE, JR. (HEINRICH ARNOLD4, JOHAN HEINRICH3, JOHAN CASPAR2, JOHANNES CASPER1) was born 1848 in Louisiana or Ohio, and died February 9, 1882.  He married THERESA KREUZMANN October 11, 1868 in St. Paul's Church, Cincinnati.  She was born 1847 in Prussia, and died October 8, 1874 in Cincinnati, OH.  

Notes for HENRY ARNOLD RABE, JR.:  The 1870 Census lists Henry's state of Birth as Ohio, whereas the 1880 census says he was born in Louisiana.  

Cincinnati, OH Directory

1874  H. A. Rabe, b.k. 23 Walnut, h: 17 Franklin

1876  H. A. Rabe, jr.  box maker bds., 539 Main

Notes for THERESA KREUZMANN:  Hamilton County has a death record for a Theresa Rabe, age 27, on 10/8/1874.   She was born in Prussia and had resided at 17 Franklin for 8 years.   She was buried at St. Joseph's.  (vol. 5 page 150 rec. 120)


                   i.       FRANZIKA6 RABE, b. 1872.

 10.  CLEMENTS ANTHONY5 RABE (HEINRICH ARNOLD4, JOHAN HEINRICH3, JOHAN CASPAR2, JOHANNES CASPER1) was born 1861 in Cincinnati, OH, and died April 26, 1937 in Cincinnati, OH.  He married KATHRYN. 


Cincinnati City Directory:

1876 Anthony Rabe, clerk. Bds. 539 Main

1881 Anthony C. Rabe, salesman, 480 Main, h. 539 Main

1883 Anthony C. Rabe, clerk. N.E. Corner of Neave and Storrs, 21st Ward


                   i.       ROBERT HENRY6 RABE, b. 1886.

 11.  JOHN HENRY5 RABE (HEINRICH ARNOLD4, JOHAN HEINRICH3, JOHAN CASPAR2, JOHANNES CASPER1) was born February 16, 1862 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and died February 8, 1929 in Covington, KY.  He married ANNA M. BOEHMER April 22, 1885 in St. Joseph's Church, Covington, KY, daughter of HENRY BOEHMER and MARY GRIMM.  She was born November 16, 1864 in Covington, Kentucky, and died January 23, 1947 in Little Sisters of the Poor, Cincinnati, OH.


City Directories for Cincinnati and Covington provide the addresses and occupations held by John H. Rabe: 

Cincinnati, OH Directory

1876 John Rabe box maker wks. 539 Main

1878 John Rabe Cigar Box Maker 539 Main

1880 John Rabe cabinet maker 539 Main

1880 John Rabe upfitter 539 Main

1881 John H. Rabe, cab. maker., home: 539 Main

1883 J.H. (JHR & Co.) home: 539 Main

1883 J.H. & Co. and JP Vonderberger, cigar box manufacturers, 537 Main

1884 John Rabe (R & Wocher) home: 539 Main  

Covington, KY Directory

1886-87  John Rabe, Salesman, home:  1133 Scott

1900-01  John H. Rabe, Upfitter, home:  103 E. Bush

1920-24  John H. Rabe, Upfitter, h:  506 W. 12th Street

1928-29  John Rabe, Cabinet Maker, h:  506 W. 12 Street

1931-32  Anna Raabe, Widow John h:  506 W. 12th Street


Burial: February 12, 1929, Buried at Mother of God Cemetery - Undertaker:  Middendorf

Cause of Death: Uremic Poison (Chronic Nephritis)

Notes for ANNA M. BOEHMER:  Anna M. Rabe was still listed as the widow of John Rabe in the Covington City Directory:

1931-32 Raabe, Anna, Widow John h:  506 W. 12th Street

1940-41 Rabe, Anna Mrs. residence: 506 W. 12th

Marriage Notes for JOHN RABE and ANNA BOEHMER:  John and Anna were married by Father Aegeduis Christoph and witnessed by: W. Boehmer, Mary Schmidt, Theresa Boehmer, Fr. Ovelgoene, Leopold Wocher and Emma Brite.


12.              i.       WILLIAM H.6 RABE, b. November 11, 1886, Kentucky; d. September 15, 1973, Kenton County, Kentucky.


Generation No. 6

12.  WILLIAM H.6 RABE (JOHN HENRY5, HEINRICH ARNOLD4, JOHAN HEINRICH3, JOHAN CASPAR2, JOHANNES CASPER1) was born November 11, 1886 in Kentucky, and died September 15, 1973 in Kenton County, Kentucky.  He married CARRIE MAGDALENE SANDEL July 23, 1907 in the home of M. Abele (Justice of the Peace), Kenton County, daughter of JOSEPH SANDEL and KATE WOHRLEY.  She was born August 1887 in Kenton County, KY, and died November 28, 1955 in Kenton County, KY.

Notes for WILLIAM H. RABE: William H. Rabe was employed as an interior decorator.   Most likely, he picked up this trade from his mother's family, the Boehmers, who owned paint stores in Covington.   References to William H. Rabe can be found in the Covington City Directories:

1940-41  Wm. H. (Carrie)  painter, house:  21 Silver Ave, S. Ft. Mitchell

1943       Wm. H. (Carrie)  pntr,  house: 704 W. 9th Street

1948       Wm. H. (Carrie)  interior decorator, 704 W. 9th St, house: ditto.

Notes for CARRIE MAGDALENE SANDEL:  Carrie Sandel was born Protestant, but later converted to Catholism (baptized at St. Aloysius church).  Upon their mother's death in 1939, Carrie and Effie Sandel were left the house on 704 W. 9th Street in Covington.  Effie later sold her half of the house to Carrie for the sum of $1.00. 

More About CARRIE MAGDALENE SANDEL:  Cause of Death: Cancer


                   i.       DOROTHEA M.7 RABE, b. 1909; m. COBB.


Covington City Directory - 1940-41  Dorothy M. Rabe,  sten., American Tel & Tleeg Co., (Cinti), residence: 21 Silver Av., S. Ft. Mitchell 

13.             ii.       WILLIAM JOSEPH RABE, b. November 11, 1913, Kenton County, KY; d. February 1977, Kenton County, KY.

                 iii.       VALENTINE J. RABE, b. 1915; d. October 6, 1975.

                 iv.       ROBERT RABE, b. 1918; d. May 12, 1943.

14.             v.       JAMES H. RABE, b. 1920, Kenton County, Kentucky; d. February 20, 1963, Kenton County, Kentucky.

                 vi.       WALTER T. RABE, b. July 10, 1922; d. January 12, 1990; m. MABEL.

Notes for WALTER T. RABE:  Newspaper article: 10/26/1944  Day's War Heroes - Wounded in Action.  Rabe, Sgt. Walter T., 22, 704 W. 9th St., Covington

                 vii.       JOSEPH RABE, b. November 3, 1924; d. October 15, 1994.

               viii.       EUGENE RABE, b. February 4, 1927; d. March 21, 1995.

Generation No. 7

13.  WILLIAM JOSEPH7 RABE (WILLIAM H.6, JOHN HENRY5, HEINRICH ARNOLD4, JOHAN HEINRICH3, JOHAN CASPAR2, JOHANNES CASPER1) was born November 11, 1913 in Kenton County, KY, and died February 1977 in Kenton County, KY.  He married NANCY E. ROBERTS, daughter of JOHN ROBERTS and MARY WARREN.  She was born January 1, 1921 in Denver, Colorado, and died June 1978 in Kenton County, KY.

Covington City Directory:

1940-1  Wm J (Nancy)    painter, house: 1005 amsterdam Rd, Park Hills

1943     Wm J (Nancy E) paper hanger, house: 1362 Parkway

1948     Wm J (Nancy)    grocer, 872 Crescent Ave, interior decorator, 645 Laurel, house: ditto

 More About WILLIAM JOSEPH RABE:  Cause of Death: Lung Cancer and Emphesema

Kentucky Post Obituary

Mrs. Nancy E. Rabe, 57, 645 Laurel St., Covington, died 1 p.m. Monday in her sleep.  Natural causes.  Survivors:  sons Ronald and Jack, Cincinnati;  William and Robert, Covington;  Thomas and David, both at home;  daughters Mrs. Nancy E. Hicks, Covington, Miss Connie M. Rabe, at home;  15 grandchildren; sister Mrs. Lucille Hammer, Owenton, brother John Roberts, Covington.  Funeral Mass 10 a.m. Thursday, St. John Church, Covington.  Visitation 6-9 p.m. Wednesday, Middendorf, Covington.  Burial St. John Cemetery, Fort Mitchell.

More About NANCY E. ROBERTS: Cause of Death: Stroke / Medical Information: Hypertension

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