Photos of Family Past 

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Rabe and Roberts Meisberger & Luckett


Young Bill and Nancy.jpg (44421 bytes)

William J. Rabe and Nancy Roberts (abt. 1938)



John Roberts.jpg (63818 bytes)

John W. Roberts (before 1942)



Mary F.jpg (46182 bytes)

Nancy Roberts Rabe and her mother, Mary Frances Warren




My great-grandparents, William H. and Carrie (Sandel) Rabe;  my grandparents, William J. Rabe and Nancy (Roberts) Rabe;  my father and his two brothers (Ron, Bill and Jack)




My grandparents (Bill and Nancy Rabe) with Bill's brother (Jim) and his wife (Fay)



Four Generations William Rabe.jpg (41122 bytes)

William Rabe - four generations


Ralph and Elizabeth Wedding.jpg (45317 bytes) 

Ralph Meisberger and Elizabeth Luckett (1933)



Meisberger Family.jpg (109633 bytes)

Ralph and Liz Meisberger & Family (abt. 1950)



Joseph and Eugenia Luckett.jpg (23602 bytes)

Joseph and Eugenia Luckett (1949)



Ralph and Norb.jpg (64098 bytes)  

Ralph and Norbert Meisberger (abt 1922)



Meisberger Homestead - St Magdalene IN.jpg (102385 bytes)

Meisberger Homestead - St. Magdalen, IN



Pete and Mary E Schreiner.jpg (42214 bytes)

Peter and Mary (Eckel) Schreiner (abt 1900?)

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