Descendants of Peter Meisberger

According to immigration records, the Meisbergers came to the United States in the 1840s originating from the German state of Rheinland-Pfalz.  There is some evidence that the family came from a city in Rheinland-Pfalz called Namborn (present day Bavaria). 


Generation No. 1

1. PETER1 MEISBERGER was born WFT Est. 1750-1781 in Prussia, Germany, and died WFT Est. 1806-1842 in Prussia, Germany. He married MARIA MARGARETA in Prussia, Germany. She was born 1767 in Germany, and died August 18, 1849 in Ripley Co. IN..


i. CATHRINA2 MEISBERGER, b. Bet. 1785 - 1808; d. WFT Est. 1786-1879.

2. ii. PETER JR. MEISBERGER, b. 1799, Rheinland, Pfalz-Prussia, Antwerp (Germany); d. January 16, 1875, Ripley Co., IN.

3. iii. JOSEPH MEISBERGER, b. May 19, 1805, Antwerp, Germany; d. November 14, 1887.


Generation No. 2

2. PETER JR.2 MEISBERGER (PETER1) was born 1799 in Rheinland, Pfalz-Prussia, Antwerp (Germany), and died January 16, 1875 in Ripley Co., IN. He married MARY. She was born 1807 in Germany.


Naturalization Records, Ripley County Circuit Court, Order Book F. 1843-1846, p 259. Peter Meisberger 19 Mar 1845 Court; b. Rhine Prov. Prussia, application; is 50; children: Catherine 19, Peter Jr. 12, Nicholas 7.

Will and Testament: Peter Meisberger. Signed January 16, 1872 and filed December 10, 1878. (Date of death not confirmed)

"In the name of the most blessed Trinity, I the undersigned Peter Meisberger, residing at St. Magdalene, Shelby Twp., Ripley Co., Ind., do hereby declare with free will and sound mind, that after my death my wife Mary Meisberger shall inherit and take charge of all my property, Personal and Real Estate, to have and to own, at her will and disposal; and hereby declare this as my last will and testatment; in the presence of the undersigned witnesses. This the 16th day of January, 1872".

Peter X Meisberberger, mark

Witnesses: John Merl, Joseph Regenold

Notes for MARY: The 1880 census lists Mary as the 73 year old grandmother of Peter Meisberger.

Children of PETER MEISBERGER and MARY are:



Name also spelled Schutz, with an umlaut (two dots) over the "u".

4. ii. PETRUS MEISBERGER, JR., b. Abt. 1833, Prussia; d. August 1, 1872, Shelby Twp., Ripley Co. IN.

iii. NICHOLAS MEISBERGER, b. 1838, Rhine Providence, Prussia.

3. JOSEPH2 MEISBERGER (PETER1) was born May 19, 1805 in Antwerp, Germany, and died November 14, 1887. He married ELIZABETH SISTERHEIM 1828 in Germany. She was born 1809 in Germany, and died November 21, 1886 in Ripley Co. IN..

Notes for ELIZABETH SISTERHEIM: Burial:St. Madgalene Cemetery Jefferson Co.  St. Magdalene moved from Jefferson Proving Ground.


i. MARGARET3 MEISBERGER, b. 1830, Prussia, Germany; d. April 10, 1849.

ii. PETER I MEISBERGER, b. May 15, 1833, Prussia, Germany; d. May 16, 1917.

iii. MARY (MARIA) MEISBERGER, b. January 14, 1837, Prussia, Germany; d. August 6, 1878.

iv. ELIZABETH MEISBERGER, b. June 15, 1841, Prussia, Germany; d. May 26, 1922.

v. JACOB MEISBERGER, b. April 18, 1843, Prussia, Germany; d. June 19, 1905, Ripley Co. IN..

Notes for JACOB MEISBERGER: St.Madgalene Cemetery Jefferson Co.

vi. CATHERINE MEISBERGER, b. May 15, 1845, Prussia, Germany; d. November 24, 1917, Ripley Co..

Notes for CATHERINE MEISBERGER:  Catherine Died in the county Poor Farm in Ripley Co., IN. She is buried in St.Madgalene Cemetery, Jefferson Co., IN

vii. JOHN MEISBERGER, b. September 30, 1848, Ripley Co. IN.; d. May 19, 1914, Ripley Co. IN..

viii. BERNARD FINLEY MEISBERGER, b. February 1850, Ripley Co. IN.; d. February 17, 1933, Ripley Co. IN.

ix. WENDELL MEISBERGER, b. September 1851, Ripley Co. IN.; d. WFT Est. 1852-1941.

x. PETER II MEISBERGER, b. February 20, 1853, Ripley Co. IN.; d. December 21, 1928, Rushville, IN..

Notes for PETER II MEISBERGER: CHR:St. Madgalene Church IN. BUR: St.Madgalene Cemetery Madison, IN.


Generation No. 3

4. PETRUS3 MEISBERGER, JR. (PETER JR.2, PETER1) was born Abt. 1833 in Prussia, and died August 1, 1872 in Shelby Twp., Ripley Co. IN. He married MARIA STULIG April 24, 1855 in Ripley County, IN, daughter of JOHANNES STULIG and MARIA PERING. She was born 1837 in France.

Notes for PETRUS MEISBERGER, JR.: Naturalization Records, Ripley Co, Court House, Order Book F. 1843-1846, Circuit Ct. pg 259

1860 Census: Indiana Ripley County p. 392

1870 Census (G.S. Film #593 Roll 355 - Shelby Twp., Ripley Co., IN)

Ripley County Marriages in 1855, p. 50 at Ripley Co., Historical Society

St. Magdalene Catholic Church Records Book 1 pg. 18 and pg 78 Deaths. Peter died at age 38 years, 11 mos and 20 days.

Notes for MARIA STULIG: Last name is listed in the records as Stohlich, Stuhlig or Stulig.


i. MARIA A.4 MEISBERGER, b. February 9, 1856, Shelby Twp., Ripley Co., IN; m. WILLIAM C. JANSEN, November 11, 1879; b. 1849.

More About MARIA A. MEISBERGER: Baptism: 1856, St. Magdalen. sponsors: Peter Stulig an Maria Meisberger

Marriage Notes for MARIA MEISBERGER and WILLIAM JANSEN: Witnesses: Michael Kremer, Catherine Jansen, Jacob Massing and Elizabeth Meisberger

ii. CATHERINA MEISBERGER, b. January 25, 1858; d. September 18, 1941, Ripley Co., IN; m. (1) CHARLES NEWTON LINDSAY II, August 12, 1876; b. 1858; d. December 8, 1918; m. (2) JOHN B. MILLER, October 4, 1921.

More About CATHERINA MEISBERGER: Baptism: January 25, 1858, St Magdalen - Sponsors: Joannes Scheitz and Catherina Simon

iii. ELIZABETH MEISBERGER, b. January 11, 1860; m. (1) BOOSEVIELD; m. (2) THOMAS GLAUBER.

More About ELIZABETH MEISBERGER: Baptism: April 15, 1860, St Magdalen - Sponsors: Nicholas & Eliza Meisberger

iv. ANNA MARIA MEISBERGER, b. March 14, 1864.

More About ANNA MARIA MEISBERGER: Baptism: March 19, 1864, St. Magdalene, Sponsors: Peter Massing and Anna Maria Kremer (nee Stulig)

v. BARBARA MEISBERGER, b. February 28, 1862; m. LEWIS EIBLE. 

More About BARBARA MEISBERGER: Baptism: March 23, 1862, St Magdalen - Sponsors: Petrus Meisberger & Barbara Schitz

vi. MAGDALENA MEISBERGER, b. April 26, 1867.

More About MAGDALENA MEISBERGER: Baptism: May 12, 1867, Sponsors: Jacobus Schutz and Magdalene Nauert

vii. PETER MEISBERGER, b. April 24, 1870.

More About PETER MEISBERGER: Baptism: May 1, 1870, Sponsors: Peter Massing and Anna Maria Kremer

5. viii. NICOLAS MEISBERGER, b. June 30, 1872; d. 1937.

Generation No. 4

5. NICOLAS4 MEISBERGER (PETRUS3, PETER JR.2, PETER1) was born June 30, 1872, and died 1937. He married ROSEMARY SCHREINER, daughter of PETER SCHREINER and MARY ECKEL. She was born December 18, 1873.

More About NICOLAS MEISBERGER: Baptism: July 7, 1872, St. Magdalen Church, sponsors: Nicolas Nauert and Cath. Meisberger Schutz



6. ii. JOSEPH MEISBERGER, b. 1894; d. 1934.

7. iii. PETER MEISBERGER, b. 1896; d. 1947.

8. iv. WILLIAM MEISBERGER, b. 1899.

9. v. ROSE MEISBERGER, b. 1901.

10. vi. RALPH O. MEISBERGER, b. September 23, 1911, Cincinnati, OH; d. June 14, 1971, Cincinnati, OH.

11. vii. NORBERT MEISBERGER, b. September 16, 1915, Cincinnati, OH.


Generation No. 5

6. JOSEPH5 MEISBERGER (NICOLAS4, PETRUS3, PETER JR.2, PETER1) was born 1894, and died 1934. He married (1) LORETTA SYNNOTT MEYER. He married (2) HATTIE CALVERT 1914.

More About JOSEPH MEISBERGER: Cause of Death: Rheumatic Heart

Notes for LORETTA SYNNOTT MEYER: Loretta also had two children from a previous marriage.

7. PETER5 MEISBERGER (NICOLAS4, PETRUS3, PETER JR.2, PETER1) was born 1896, and died 1947. He married CATHERINE RITTER 1925. She was born 1973.

More About PETER MEISBERGER: Cause of Death: Stroke

8. WILLIAM5 MEISBERGER (NICOLAS4, PETRUS3, PETER JR.2, PETER1) was born 1899. He married MARIE WOLF 1920.

9. ROSE5 MEISBERGER (NICOLAS4, PETRUS3, PETER JR.2, PETER1) was born 1901. She married (1) EDWARD KNEFF 1920. She married (2) JOSEPH SPRINGER 1924. He died 1970.

10. RALPH O.5 MEISBERGER (NICOLAS4, PETRUS3, PETER JR.2, PETER1) was born September 23, 1911 in Cincinnati, OH, and died June 14, 1971 in Cincinnati, OH. He married ELIZABETH ELLEN LUCKETT 1933, daughter of JOSEPH LUCKETT and EUGENIA THOMAS. She was born July 22, 1912, and died April 11, 1994 in Cincinnati, OH.

Marriage Notes for RALPH MEISBERGER and ELIZABETH LUCKETT: Met on October 11, 1932 while watching the Holy Name Parade.

11. NORBERT5 MEISBERGER (NICOLAS4, PETRUS3, PETER JR.2, PETER1) was born September 16, 1915 in Cincinnati, OH. He married CLARA LESTER. She was born August 23, 1919 in Somerset, KY.

St. Magdalen Cemetery Records

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