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Early Luckett Origins

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Note:  I have focused on my direct line (Samuel Luckett through my grandmother, Elizabeth Luckett), but will add other lines as I continue to expand my Website.  Feel free to e-mail me if you would like more information. 

Generation No. 1

1.  SAMUEL LUCKETT was born Abt. 1650 in Kent County, England, and died July 18, 1705 in Port Tobacco, MD.  He married ELIZABETH HUSSEY 1684, daughter of THOMAS HUSSEY and  Johanna Porter.  She was born 1667 in St. Charles County, MD, and died Abt. 1747 in Port Tobacco, St. Charles County,  MD.

Research Notes about Samuel Luckett and Elizabeth Hussey


2.                i.       SAMUEL6 LUCKETT, JR., b. October 10, 1685, Portobaco, MD; d. Abt. 1724, Port Tobacco, MD.

                  ii.       IGNATIUS LUCKETT, b. January 30, 1688/89, Portobaco, MD.

3.              iii.       THOMAS HUSSEY LUCKETT, b. Bef. 1693, Portobaco, MD; d. Abt. 1767.

4.              iv.       THOMAS LUCKETT, b. August 12, 1688, Portobaco, MD; d. 1734, Charles Co., Maryland.

  Generation No. 2

SAMUEL LUCKETT, JR. (SAMUEL) was born October 10, 1685 in Port Tobacco, MD, and died Abt. 1724 in Port Tobacco, MD.  He married (1) ANN SMOOT.  She was born Abt. 1687, and died Abt. 1750.  He married (2) JUNE HANSON.   

Research Notes about Samuel Luckett and Ann Smoot

Children of SAMUEL LUCKETT and ANN SMOOT are:                   

i.     BENJAMIN LUCKETT, b. Abt. 1705; d. Abt. 1750.

ii.    WILLIAM LUCKETT, b. Abt. 1711; d. Bef. January 17, 1783; m. CHARITY MIDDLETON; b. 1717.

iii.  SAMUEL LUCKETT, b. Abt 1718

iv.  THOMAS LUCKETT, b. Abt. 1720, Port Tobacco, St. Charles County, MD; d. 1797.


                  v.       ELIZABETH7 LUCKETT.


 Generation No. 3

THOMAS LUCKETT (SAMUEL, SAMUEL) was born 1720 in Port Tobacco, St. Charles County,  MD, and died 1797.  He married MARY GRIFFIN 1759 in Port Tobacco, MD, daughter of JAMES GRIFFIN and SARAH UNKNOWN.  She was born Abt. 1740 in Port Tobacco, St. Charles County, MD, and died 1803 in Washington County, KY.  

Research Notes about Thomas Luckett and Mary Griffin


      i. BENJAMIN8 LUCKETT, b. Abt. 1760, Port Tobacco, Charles Co., MD; m. ELIZABETH SEMMES, January 10, 1790, Charles County, MD.

                  ii.       PRISCILLA LUCKETT, b. Abt. 1762, Port Tobacco, Charles Co., MD; m. BARTON ROBEY; b. Abt. 1758.

                 iii.       ELIZABETH LUCKETT, b. Abt. 1766, Port Tobacco, Charles Co., MD; m. JAMES OLDHAM; b. Abt. 1762.

                 iv.       THOMAS B. LUCKETT, b. Abt. 1768, Port Tobacco, Charles Co., MD; m. MARY UNKNOWN; b. Abt. 1772, Port Tobacco, Charles Co., MD.

                  v.       ANN LUCKETT, b. Abt. 1770, Port Tobacco, Charles Co., MD.

                 vi.       SARAH LUCKETT, b. Abt. 1770; m. JOHN SEMMES, 1791, St. George's, Charles Co., MD; b. Abt. 1768, St. George's, Charles Co., MD; d. December 25, 1843, Washington Co., KY.

                vii.       VERLINDA LUCKETT, b. Abt. 1772, Port Tobacco, Charles Co., MD; m. JOSEPH OSBORNE ROBY, February 22, 1797.

9.            viii.       HEZEKIAH LUCKETT, b. Abt. 1774, Port Tobacco, Charles Co., MD.

10.             ix.       HENRY LUCKETT, b. April 4, 1777, Port Tobacco, MD; d. February 2, 1864, Calvary, KY.

Generation No. 4

                         HENRY LUCKETT (THOMAS, SAMUEL, SAMUEL) was born April 4, 1777 in Port Tobacco, MD, and died February 2, 1864 in Calvary, KY.  He married ELIZABETH BEAVEN June 17, 1805 in Washington County, KY, daughter of EDWARD BEAVEN and ELEANOR WHEELER.  She was born May 13, 1785 in Port Tobacco, MD, and died November 29, 1850 in Calvary, KY.

Notes for HENRY LUCKETT: Buried in the Holy Name of Mary Cemetery (Old Section).

Notes for ELIZABETH BEAVEN: Buried in the Holy Name of Mary Cemetery (Old Section).  Her name on the tombstone reads:  Elizabeth Hamilton Luckett.


                   i.       MARY ELLEN9 LUCKETT, b. April 4, 1806.

                  ii.       ELIZABETH (ELIZA) LUCKETT, b. October 9, 1807.

                 iii.       LOUIS AUSTIN LUCKETT, b. December 3, 1809.

                 iv.       EDWARD A. LUCKETT, b. February 9, 1812.

10.             v.       THOMAS B. LUCKETT, b. February 9, 1812; d. August 4, 1870.

                 vi.       ANN LUCKETT, b. October 4, 1816.

                vii.       CHARLES LUCKETT, b. December 3, 1818.

               viii.       HARRIET LUCKETT, b. November 11, 1825.

Notes for HARRIET LUCKETT: Baptismal record not clear as to birth year, only month and day.  The year was between 1821-1825 given surrounding entries.

                   ix.       JOHN M. LUCKETT, b. September 2, 1822, But...1850 census lists him as 26 yrs.

                   x.       HENRY M. LUCKETT, b. November 24, 1824; d. August 24, 1866.

                  xi.       WILLIAM H. LUCKETT, b. November 14, 1826.


William H. Luckett may be the same as Hezekiah Luckett, who died in 1853 at the age of 27.  Henry and Elizabeth are listed as the parents of Hezekiah.

                  xii.       LLOYD R. LUCKETT, b. April 25, 1829.


Generation No. 5

THOMAS B. LUCKETT (HENRY, THOMAS, SAMUEL, SAMUEL) was born February 9, 1812, and died August 4, 1870.  He married (1) CYNTHIA A. MILLS, daughter of CORNELIUS MILLS and SARAH BOWLES.  She was born July 7, 1816, and died February 9, 1851.  He married (2) ELIZABETH SPALDING February 17, 1852 in Marion County, KY.  She was born Bef. 1825.

Notes for THOMAS B. LUCKETT: Baptized on March 29, 1812.

1850 Census - Marion County, KY

Thomas B. Luckett, 28, KY, Farmer

Cynthia, 31, KY

Charles P., 7

Henry, 5

Arbell, 2

Notes for CYNTHIA A. MILLS: No proof that Cornelius and Sarah were parents of Cynthia, but highly likely.  Their marriage date fits and there is a similarity in first names between families.  I have pretty much ruled out the other possible couples.

I copied birth and death information from Cynthia's tombstone at the Holy Name of Mary Cemetery (Old Section).  Her tombstone reads:  "Luckett, wife of T.B.).  Another researcher has her birth and death dates as:  July 4, 1816 to February 15, 1851.


                   i.       SARAH ELIZABETH10 LUCKETT, b. September 5, 1839.

Notes for SARAH ELIZABETH LUCKETT:  Baptized 9-13-1839, sponsor Sarah Mills

                   ii.       ANNA ELIZA LUCKETT, b. June 7, 1841.

                 iii.       CHARLES P. LUCKETT, b. September 12, 1842; d. September 10, 1899.

11.            iv.       HENRY LUCKETT, b. August 24, 1845, Washington County, KY; d. August 1, 1875, Marion County, KY.

                  v.       ANN J. LUCKETT, b. June 27, 1848.

Notes for ANN J. LUCKETT: 1850 Census lists name as Arbell.

                  vi.       JOHN MILLS LUCKETT, b. September 3, 1850, Kentucky; d. 1917, Kentucky; m. ELIZABETH BURCH; b. 1849, Kentucky; d. 1916, Kentucky.

Notes for JOHN MILLS LUCKETT:  Baptismal record gives name as John Marion Luckett.


                vii.       B.J10 LUCKETT, b. November 29, 1852.


Generation No. 6

HENRY LUCKETT (THOMAS B. was born August 24, 1845 in Washington County, KY, and died August 1, 1875 in Marion County, KY.  He married AMANDA ANN SPALDING April 6, 1869 in Holy Name of Mary Church - Calvary, KY, daughter of WILLIAM SPALDING and LOUISA ABELL.  She was born October 15, 1850 in Marion County, KY, and died February 18, 1920 in Marion County, KY.


12.              i.       CYNTHIA HESTER11 LUCKETT, b. February 17, 1870, Marion County, KY; d. March 16, 1956, Marion County, KY.

13.             ii.       JOSEPH BENEDICT LUCKETT, b. September 27, 1872, Calvary, KY; d. September 29, 1954, Cincinnati, OH.


Generation No. 7

 JOSEPH BENEDICT LUCKETT (HENRY was born September 27, 1872 in Calvary, KY, and died September 29, 1954 in Cincinnati, OH.  He married EUGENIA THOMAS November 14, 1893 in Holy Name of Mary Church - Calvary, KY, daughter of MARK THOMAS and ANNA ABELL.  She was born March 20, 1875 in Calvary, KY, and died December 11, 1949 in Cincinnati, OH.

Research Notes about Joseph B. Luckett and Eugenia Thomas


                   i.       CHARLES HENRY12 LUCKETT, b. August 1894.

                  ii.       CARL VINCENT LUCKETT, b. November 30, 1899; d. December 16, 1957.

                 iii.       LUCILLE LUCKETT, b. Bef. 1900.

                 iv.       MALE LUCKETT, b. Bef. 1900.

Notes for MALE LUCKETT: Child died very young of pneumonia

 14.             v.   MARY ALETHEA (LETA) LUCKETT, b. November 21, 1901, Marion County, KY; d. April 16, 1983, Cincinnati, OH.

                 vi.    CYNTHIA HESTER LUCKETT, b. December 5, 1903, Marion County, KY; d. January 4, 1982, Cincinnati, OH; m. ZEILMAN.

                vii.     JOSEPH B. LUCKETT, b. May 26, 1905, Marion County, KY; d. October 16, 1995; m. TISHIA; b. February 14, 1915; d. February 20, 1999, Cincinnati, OH..

15.          viii.       SUE ELLA LUCKETT, b. Abt. 1906; d. August 4, 1970.

                  ix.       ANNIE VIOLA LUCKETT, b. Bet. 1909 - 1910.

                   x.       PRESTON B. LUCKETT, b. Abt. 1912; d. October 24, 1962.

16.             xi.       ELIZABETH ELLEN LUCKETT, b. July 22, 1912; d. April 11, 1994, Cincinnati, OH.

                 xii.       GEORGE LUCKETT, b. July 10, 1915; d. July 1969.

17.           xiii.       MARY LUCILLE (SIS) LUCKETT, b. May 6, 1920; d. April 15, 1998, Cincinnati, OH.


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