Descendants of Samuel Kincaid


Generation No. 1 

1.  SAMUEL1 KINCAID  He married SARAH RHINEHART.         


2.                i.       WILLIAM2 KINCAID, b. Abt. 1740.


Generation No. 2

2.  WILLIAM2 KINCAID (SAMUEL1) was born Abt. 1740.  He married ANN POAGE OR GRAHAM Bef. 1767.  

Notes for WILLIAM KINCAID:  "While this connection (William father of James, Thomas and John) is not well documented, it is highly probable. Naming patterns of the Scotch-Irish of the time had the eldest son named for his paternal grandfather. The three brothers; James, Thomas, and John, (and I am convinced that they were brothers) each named his eldest son William. If James b.1767 is the eldest son as seems likely then in the next earlier generation (ca 1700) we should be seeking a James Kincaid. If William and his wife followed naming patterns exactly, we should belooking for a Thomas ? as her father and William should have a brother John".

Had 400 acres in Greenbriar in 1782,


3.                i.       JAMES3 KINCAID, b. 1767, Bath County, VA; d. 1828.

                  ii.       THOMAS KINCAID, b. 1768; m. MARTHA WYATT, April 9, 1794, Botetourt Co., VA; b. Abt. 1777, Greenbrier County, VA.

Notes for THOMAS KINCAID:  I came across a note saying Thomas was killed by Indians...I know that Edward Kincaid was killed by Indians, but am not sure about Thomas.

Marriage Notes for THOMAS KINCAID and MARTHA WYATT: Wedding performed by Rev. Christopher Clark.

                 iii.       JOHN KINCAID, b. May 8, 1771, Amherst, VA; d. September 28, 1814, Fincastle, Campbell Co., TN; m. NANCY YOUNG, October 17, 1796, Greenbriar, VA; b. October 7, 1779; d. January 29, 1822, Fincastle, Campbell Co., TN..


Generation No. 3

3.  JAMES3 KINCAID (WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 1767 in Bath County, VA, and died 1828.  He married MARGARET WYATT January 1, 1793 in Bath County, KY, daughter of ALCIBIADES WYATT and ANNE ROBINSON.  She was born 1774 in Greenbrier County, VA, and died 1831. 

Notes for JAMES KINCAID:  "JAMES had a land warrent for 34 acres of land along the branches of the Kentucky River in 1821. The 1830 census shows his wife Margaret in then Estill county as a widow, head of household. (Tallega was then in Estill Co., but now in Lee Co. The already compiled genealogy which Helen Shaefer had in her possession, states that the original land, the 34 acres belonging to James still belongs to Hugh Franklin. Later that part of the County which was then Estill became Owsley in 1843, and still later in 1870 it became Lee County.

If the birth dates on George B and Malinda prove true, it would mean that this family was in Kentucky as early as 1810. In the genealogy referred to above; George's birthdate was given as 1815; in the 1860 census he was listed as 49 years of age a discrepency of 4 yrs. On my recent stay in Kentucky I visited both Kincaid Cemeteries (branch with Edward W. in it, also Socrates Senior and Socrates Jr. and the Lycurgus branch which is further out the ridge by about two miles) in hopes that I would find the graves of James and Margaret but if they were at either place they were not identified. There were graves with natural stones which were old graves. Both of these cemeteries are at Fincastle and the land on which James supposedly first settled was at Tallega an the branches of the Ky. River. There is an old cemetery near there but it is so grown over you cannot get to the stones."  Source: Diane Kincaid, 3605 Arbor Dr., Lexington, KY 40517 e-mail:

 "James had thirty acres of land deeded to him by Patrick Henry in Virginia. Went to Kentucky in 1800"  Source:

Notes for MARGARET WYATT:  Margaret appears as Head of Household in 1830 census.   Also spelled Wiatt.  

Marriage Notes for JAMES KINCAID and MARGARET WYATT:  Marriage year unclear.  Either 1793 or 1798 according to the LDS.       


                   i.       WILLIAM4 KINCAID, m. PAULINA HARRIS, October 30, 1826.

                  ii.       ANNA WYATT KINCAID, b. 1795; m. JACOB MILLER.

4.              iii.       EDWARD WYATT KINCAID, b. May 25, 1798, Bath County, VA; d. 1857.

                 iv.       SAMUEL KINCAID, b. 1801; m. MARY MCGUIRE, March 18, 1822.

5.               v.       JOHN W. KINCAID, b. 1805, Virginia; d. Aft. 1870.

6.              vi.       GEORGE B. KINCAID, b. December 18, 1815; d. April 16, 1875, Lee County, KY.


Generation No. 4 

4.  EDWARD WYATT4 KINCAID (JAMES3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born May 25, 1798 in Bath County, VA, and died 1857.  He married MIRIAM PLUMMER July 22, 1823.         


                   i.       MALISSA5 KINCAID.

                  ii.       EDWARD WYATT KINCAID.

                 iii.       MIRIAM SCOTT KINCAID.

                 iv.       NANCY KINCAID, b. April 22, 1824.

                  v.       SOCRATES KINCAID, b. December 8, 1825.

                 vi.       CURTIS KINCAID, b. 1827.

                vii.       LYCURGUS KINCAID, b. August 6, 1829.

               viii.       ANNA KINCAID, b. 1835.

                  ix.       MARGARET KINCAID, b. 1837.

5.  JOHN W.4 KINCAID (JAMES3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 1805 in Virginia, and died Aft. 1870.  He married EMILY DURBIN August 14, 1832 in Estill County, KY, daughter of JOHN DURBIN and NANCY WAGERS.  She was born 1815 in Kentucky, and died Aft. 1870.

John Kincaid:  Estill County 1840 Census:  males:  1 under 5, 1 30 -40;  females:  2 under 5, 1 5-10, 1 20-30. 

Estill County 1850 Census, p. 106

John Kincaid, 45, VA

Emily, 35, KY

Margaret P. 16

Edward D. 14

Patience A. 12

Nancy A. 10

James S. 8

John F. 6

George B. 4

Estill County 1860 Census

John Kinkaid, 56, VA

Emily, 46, KY

Margaret, 28

Placinda A., 21*

Nancy A., 19*

James, 17

John F., 15

George 13

* The word "pauper" written by their names.

Estill County 1870 Census, p. 525

John Kincaid, 67, VA

Emily, 57, KY

Margaret, 37

Ann, 33   

James, 28

George 24

John S., 7

Nancy A., 4

Not sure if this is the same John Kincaid

1880 Census Place:      Glade, Madison, Kentucky

        Source:   FHL Film 1254431  National Archives Film T9-0431     Page 519C    

        Relation Sex   Marr  Race     Age     Birthplace

John KINCAID    Self   M    M    W     75      KY    Occ: Farmer    Fa: VA    Mo: VA

Eliza B. KINCAID   Wife   F    M    W    70   KY    Occ: Keeping House Fa: VA  Mo: VA     

Children of JOHN KINCAID and EMILY DURBIN are:

                   i.      MARGARET P.5 KINCAID, b. 1834, Estill County, KY; m. AMBROS MULLIS, September 5, 1851; b. Abt. 1831.  

7.               ii.       EDWARD D. KINCAID, b. Abt. 1836, Estill County, KY.

                 iii.       PATIENCE A. KINCAID, b. 1838.

Notes for PATIENCE A. KINCAID: Another researcher has her listed as "Placinda".

                 iv.       NANCY A. KINCAID, b. 1840.

                  v.       JAMES S. KINCAID, b. 1842.

                 vi.       JOHN FRANK KINCAID, b. April 16, 1844; d. July 31, 1930, Powell County, KY.

8.             vii.       GEORGE KINCAID, b. 1846, Estill County, KY; d. Aft. 1870.


6.  GEORGE B.4 KINCAID (JAMES3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born December 18, 1815, and died April 16, 1875 in Lee County, KY.  He married MARGARET MCGUIRE.  She was born Abt. 1830. 

Notes for GEORGE B. KINCAID:  Wrong parents???

16 Apr 1875  George B. KINCAID, 59 yrs, male, married, mechanic, d from falling tree, b Estill Co Ky, s/o George b not known & Peggy b not known.  Source:  Lee County Deaths       


                   i.       THETIS5 KINCAID, b. Abt. 1852.

                  ii.       GEORGE KINCAID, b. Abt. 1857.


Generation No. 5

7.  EDWARD D.5 KINCAID (JOHN W.4, JAMES3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born Abt. 1836 in Estill County, KY.  He married LUVINA GRAY.  She was born Abt. 1836 in Owsly County, KY.  

Notes for EDWARD D. KINCAID:  Another researcher has Edward D. as the son of Edward W. and Marium Plummer.  I don't think this in correct.  This researcher lists other children below:

6 Edward D. Kincaid 1836 -

........................................................ +Lovina Unknown 1836 -  

............................................................. 7 John Kincaid 1875 -  

............................................................. 7 Freedom Kincaid 1898 -  

............................................................. 7 George Kincaid 1862 -  

............................................................. 7 Francis Kincaid 1865 -  

............................................................. 7 Dora Kincaid 1866 -  

............................................................. 7 Elizabeth Kincaid 1868 -  

............................................................. 7 Nancy Kincaid 1860 -



                   i.       JOHN E.6 KINCAID, b. October 17, 1875, Lee County, KY.

Notes for JOHN E. KINCAID:  17 Oct 1875  John E. KINCAID, male, alive, b Lee Co Ky, s/o Edward D. KINCAID b Estill Co Ky & Luvina GRAY b Owsley Co Ky.   Source:

  8.  GEORGE5 KINCAID (JOHN W.4, JAMES3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 1846 in Estill County, KY, and died Aft. 1870.  He married MARY ANN.   

Notes for GEORGE KINCAID: George Kincaid, daughter Nancy and son? John S. lived with George's parents in 1870.  Not sure what happened to mother. 

Estill County 1870 Census, p. 525

John Kincaid, 67, VA

Emily, 57, KY

Margaret, 37

Ann, 33   

James, 28

George 24

John S., 7

Nancy A., 4

Not sure if this is the same George:

1880 Census Place:  Forks, Estill, Kentucky

        Source:   FHL Film 1254412  National Archives Film T9-0412     Page 36D

        Relation Sex        Marr        Race       Age        Birthplace

George KINCAID        Self M            W    32    KY        Fa: KY    Mo: KY

Note:  lived next door to family with housekeeper named Mary Kincaid.  She was about 43. 

Notes for MARY ANN: I originally thought that mother was Mary Ann Walker, however, this was later disproven.


9.                i.       NANCY A.6 KINCAID, b. June 20, 1865, Estill County, Kentucky; d. October 14, 1916, Clark County, KY.

Generation No. 6

9.  NANCY A.6 KINCAID (GEORGE5, JOHN W.4, JAMES3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born June 20, 1865 in Estill County, Kentucky, and died October 14, 1916 in Clark County, KY.  She married JESSE WARREN Abt. 1881, son of DAVID WARREN and ADELINE TIPTON.  He was born July 15, 1863 in Estill County, Kentucky, and died May 15, 1944. 

Notes for NANCY A. KINCAID:  I'm not sure if this is the correct Nancy...

1880        Census Place:      North Middletown, Bourbon, Kentucky

        Source:   FHL Film 1254403  National Archives Film T9-0403     Page 109D    

                   Relation Sex        Marr        Race       Age        Birthplace

William HURT        Self M    M        W    41    KY

Cassie HURT        Wife       F        M    W    33        KY

William HURT        Son M    S        W    19    KY

James HURT Son        M    S      W        18    KY

Sallie HURT  Dau        F      S      W        16    KY

Mary HURT  Dau        F      S      W        15    KY

Jessie HURT Dau        F      S      W        11    KY

Marthy HURT        Dau F      S        W    7      KY

Ida HURT              Dau F      S        W    5      KY

Eddie HURT  Son        M    S      W        4      KY

Samuel HURT        Son M    S        W    2      KY

Nancy KINKEAD        Other      F        S      W    15        KY

        Occ:        Seamstress        Fa: KY    Mo: K  

More About NANCY A. KINCAID:  Cause of Death: Tuberculosis.  Nancy's death certificate lists parents as Geo. Kincaid and Maryann Kincaid.  Estill County, KY is given as POB.    

Notes for JESSE WARREN:  According to the 1880 Census, Jesse lived at the home of his brother, James. 

Census Place:        Blue Ball, Clark, Kentucky 1880

Source:   FHL Film 1254409  National Archives Film T9-0409     Page 382B    

James WARREN Self M M W 31 KY Fa: KY Mo: KY

Martha WARREN Wife F M W 36 KY Occ: Keeping House Fa: KY Mo: KY

Grant WARREN Son M S W 15 KY Occ: Laborer        Fa: KY Mo: KY

Wesly WARREN Son M S W 12 KY Occ: Laborer Fa: KY Mo: KY

Jesse WARREN Brother M S W 18 KY Occ: Farm Laborer Fa: KY Mo: KY


1900 Census - Clark County, KY

Jesse Warren, July 1861, Farmer, married 19 years

Nanie Warren, June 1864, 8 of 8 children still alive

Lara Warren, Aug 1882

Susie, Apr 1884

John, Mar 1887

Mary F., Sept 1888

James A?, Nov 1891

Nanie?, Mar 1894

Allice L., Nov 1896       


                   i.       LARA7 WARREN, b. August 1882.

                  ii.       SUSIE WARREN, b. April 1884.

                 iii.       JOHN WARREN, b. March 1887.

                 iv.       MARY FRANCES WARREN, b. September 23, 1889, Winchester, KY; d. August 18, 1963, Kenton Co., KY; m. (1) JOHN W. ROBERTS; b. January 2, 1887, Bourbon County, KY; d. January 23, 1942, Campbell County, OH; m. (2) WILLIAM TRUE; m. (3) ARTHUR MAYTUM; b. 1876; d. January 10, 1957.

More About JOHN W. ROBERTS:  Cause of Death: Newport Steel accident

                   v.       JAMES A WARREN, b. November 1891.

                 vi.       NANIE WARREN, b. March 1894.

                vii.       WILLIE R WARREN, b. November 1896.

               viii.       ALLICE L. WARREN, b. October 1898.

                  ix.       ROSE WARREN, b. Aft. 1900; m. FRANK CARLOVICH.


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